WE BIKE etc. 2019 Bicycle Adventure – Our Route

By: Tracy Flucke

As you probably already know, we will be riding our tandem bicycle (“Violet”), unsupported, across the country again in 2019. We plan to ride way more miles than our past trips, approximately 7,000 over five months. Our route will take us from Washington State in June, east across the middle of the country to the eastern seaboard, where we will ride from Massachusetts to Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi, ending in New Orleans, Louisiana in late October. This will be our longest trip yet and will cover our final 21 states in the lower 48!

Give me the details

This trip was my idea, but Peter was quick to jump on board! While looking at our past adventures map, I noticed we only had 21 states to bicycle through (white states on map) to hit all 48. Silly me, the 21 states are not all connected, so to make the trek we will actually travel through 31 states. Yikes!

We will begin the adventure in Bellingham, Washington on June 1st, heading as far south as Sacramento, California. We will then turn our bicycle east toward the mountains. Nevada, Utah, and Colorado are our next challenges. Plans are to meet up with our daughters in Denver, Colorado for a short break. Then we will hit the corner of Wyoming (Cheyenne).

Nebraska, a less mountainous state, will be a welcome change. We will cross the southern portion of the state, traveling near Interstate 80 and the Platte River. Here we hope to visit some of the same places Peter’s ancestors saw while traveling along the Oregon Train in 1865. Cool, right!

From Omaha, Nebraska we will head north to Sioux City, Iowa and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A ride across the southern portion of Minnesota, and past Peter’s birth place, Albert Lea, Minnesota, will bring us to La Crosse, Wisconsin, where I went to college. A few days later we will arrive home, Green Bay, Wisconsin, for a short (but I am sure much needed) break.

Nope, Not Done Yet

After recovering a bit, we will continue to the east coast. We will bicycle down to Manitowoc, Wisconsin and hop on the S.S. Badger Lake Michigan Car Ferry. The Badger will take us across the Great Lake to Ludington, Michigan. From Ludington we will head south to Indianapolis, Indiana, east to Cincinnati, Ohio, and then into Kentucky. After checking out Louisville and Lexington, Virginia, a short jaunt into West Virginia will fill our days.

From the Atlantic Coast, we will head up to Boston, Massachusetts. After exploring Boston and visiting some Warm Shower friends, we will travel south to hopefully out run the cold weather. Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland will all provide challenges and adventures as we navigate their big cities.

The states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida will complete our south bound travel.

The Panhandle of Florida will be the beginning of our west bound journey. Travel through Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana will bring our journey to a close. Our final destination, New Orleans, Louisiana will hopefully include a meet up with our youngest daughter, Alexandra and her boyfriend Ethan, who plan to travel from Texas to help us celebrate.

We will head back to Green Bay after a short stay in New Orleans. No, we will not bicycle home, Amtrak will provide a ride for us and our bicycle to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We will meet up with family for our return trip to Green Bay by car.

Follow Us! Once we start our adventure we plan to post daily on this blog and hit the highlights on our other social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter). Follow us, and reach out to let us know you are there. We get lonely on the road and a hello from friends and family definitely brightens our days.

We are frequently asked how we are able to take so much time off? One of the key elements is being “financial fit”. Our Investment Adviser, Richard Balch has helped us to get fit. If you are looking for a way to take on your adventure, contact Woodmen Financial Resources to get started.

Company Profile

Woodmen Financial Resources provides comprehensive wealth management for families and small businesses. They are located in Green Bay, Wisconsin and have a staff of three advisors and three team members who serve as resource partners to their clients. They help them attain their financial goals which may include: retirement planning, income distribution strategies, tax planning, legacy planning, college funding, risk planning, and investment advice. The firm has been in the community for 80 years, originally as a life insurance agency and evolved to financial planning in the late 1980’s.

Woodmen Financial Resources Richard Balch, Investment Advisor, Representative, CFP,CLU 1234 S. Ridge Road Green Bay, WI 54304 (920) 499-8833 www.woodmenfinancial.org


About WE BIKE, etc. 2019 Bicycle Adventure

We inspire people to explore the world by bike and foot through our cross-country bicycle adventures, and our book, “Coast to Coast on a Tandem.” This blog details our past trips and provides updates on our current adventure. Enjoy the ride! Tracy and Peter Flucke

3 responses to “WE BIKE etc. 2019 Bicycle Adventure – Our Route”

  1. Mark E. Martin says :

    If you find yourselves in Baton Rouge you have a place to stay if you wish. It would be good to see you again. Maybe this time there won’t be a major event congesting the route home!

  2. Paula says :

    Sorry you won’t be traveling through our area, but we will be following your blog! What an adventure!

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