California (Dreaming) Biking!!

Day 48 July 20th San Bernardino, CA to Arcadia, CA 50 miles Total Miles 2, 564
Weather: Warm 98 degrees, sunny and slight head wind

We woke up today in California – YEA!! Our first task was to return the U Haul to the closest rental agency, so we packed up our bags and put them and the bicycle back in the U Haul for our approximately 3 mile drive to the return site. Once there we pulled everything back out of the truck, checked the truck back in and headed west on our bicycle.

After the first eight miles on the road we arrived at the Pacific Electric Bike Trail and were in for a great 18 mile ride on one of the best trails we have ever been on.  The trail took us thru cities, orange orchards, rose gardens, residential and commercial/industrial areas.  It was very well designed with many intersection crossings, some with priority push button signals across smaller roads and the crossing of major roads with the route taking you to the closest controlled intersection.  It was interesting they even had separate push buttons at the intersections for walkers, bicyclist and even horse back riders( their buttons were up high so they could reach them from horseback).

After we got off the trail we were traveling on city roads with great bicycle accommodations.  Many of the roads had bicycle lanes so we had lots of space to travel along the busier roads.  California does a nice job of building their roads for all users – it is really nice to see.

We have started to see lots of Palm Trees and Joshua Trees, it is fun to see different types of trees and flowers.

Tomorrow we will complete our trip with about thirty miles to go to Santa Monica.   We have enjoyed the trip but it has been a lot of work so we will be glad to get done.

Special thanks to Verizon Wireless for providing devices to us, in many situations we would not have been able to put up our blog posts without the Jet Pack. It also allows us to put up all the videos and pictures for you to view.

About WE BIKE, etc. 2019 Bicycle Adventure

We inspire people to explore the world by bike and foot through our cross-country bicycle adventures, and our book, “Coast to Coast on a Tandem.” This blog details our past trips and provides updates on our current adventure. Enjoy the ride! Tracy and Peter Flucke

4 responses to “California (Dreaming) Biking!!”

  1. Mom says :

    It has been great to follow you on this journey and see you do so well in spite of the heat etc.
    We are proud of your dedication to bicycling & who you are as undividuals. Love you lots, Mom&Rod

  2. Tyler says :

    I didn’t realize you has been blogging although I was on the site earlier. Interesting to see how different our experiences were even though we were on the same route. I didn’t blog on WordPress but I did on Tumblr so I can read my stuff as well. It was wonderful meeting you two and I’ll keep looking forward to your stories.

    • 2016 WE BIKE, etc. Bicycle Adventures- Route 66 says :

      Tyler: We are back home and getting all settled in. I hope you enjoyed your ride. We enjoyed meeting you and wish you luck in your new job and adventure. It truly is amazing to be riding the same route and have totally different experiences – we have found that on our other trips as well. Take care.

  3. Mom says :

    Hope your day at the end of the Rainbow is/has been fun. I love thinking about all 4 of us in the same time zone.
    What’s next?

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