Flagstaff to Williams, AZ and Another Day Off

Day 43 July 15th Flagstaff, AZ to Flagstaff, AZ    0 Miles. Total Miles – 2,353
Weather: Sunny, 90 degrees, slight wind

Today was a day off in Flagstaff. Our friend Greg picked us up at the hostel at 9:00am and we were off for a day of fun and adventure. Greg took us on a beautiful drive thru the Oak Creek Canyon, beautiful. Also very steep Peter and I were glad we were not on the bicycle. The ride took us thru Sedona, AZ which is a very cool town with lots to see and do.

After driving thru the canyon we stopped at Red Rock Canyon and climbed Cathedral Rock. It was quite the climb with beautiful views along the way and at the top. After the climb we went to the river that flowed thru the canyon and played in the swimming hole and stream. The cold water felt great and we could see the climb we made from the stream.

We then stopped at a local winery for lunch. It was a great day and we enjoyed spending it with Greg. That evening we went out to dinner with Greg and his friends Danielle and Phillip. We met at a local brewery and had dinner there. It was fun to meet some of Greg’s friends and learn more about Flagstaff. We really enjoyed our day off the bike and seeing more of Arizona.

Greg and Tracy at Cathedral Rock

Greg and Tracy at Cathedral Rock

New Friends in Flagstaff, AZ

New Friends in Flagstaff, AZ

Peter and Tracy at Top of Cathedral Rock

Peter and Tracy at Top of Cathedral Rock


Day 44 July 16th Flagstaff, AZ to Williams, AZ. 33 miles Total Miles – 2,386
Weather: Sunny, warm – 90 degrees and slight head wind

Today we had a short ride to our next destination only 33 miles, so we got up a bit later than normal and were on the road by 8:00am. Our ride was also pretty much downhill – YEA!! We traveled on I – 40 for the first part of the trip to the city of Parks, AZ. Parks is a nice little city with lots going on. They have a small campground right across the street from the gas station, post office/convenience store and had a rummage sale going on at the campground. It was a busy place for a town of 1,100 people. They even had a Little Library in the gas station/convenience store. Tracy was excited because she needed a new book and was able to find a good one there.

After leaving Parks we rode on Old Route 66 which had recently been repaved. The road was in great shape and had a nice wide shoulder on it. This part of the ride was thru a heavily wooded area. It was nice to see some trees again, we really enjoyed the shade and wind block!! We followed Route 66 into Williams which is a really cool town with lots to see and do.

We got in early so Tracy had a chance to wander around town and check out all the shops – she really enjoyed that. Peter sat on a bench near the hostel and watched the world go by – each of them enjoyed their afternoon. Around 2:00pm we were able to check into our hostel. It is a really nice place – Grand Canyon Hotel – each room is unique and special. The owners are very nice and willing to help out in any way. We have found we really enjoy the smaller non chain hotels and hostels.

Day 45 July 17th Day off in Williams, AZ 0 miles. Total Miles – 2,386

Weather: Beautiful, 85 degrees, partly cloudy

Today we took the Grand Canyon Railway up to the Grand Canyon. Our train left at 9:30am and arrived at the south rim of the Grand Canyon 2.5 hours later. It was a fun ride in a Pullman Car with real cowboys putting on a show before we got on the train, holding up the train and musicians playing and singing on the train.

The train ride was fun but Grand Canyon was amazing. It is an unbelievable site that everyone has to see, words can not describe the vastness and beauty of this area. We had about three hours to explore the park which was really just enough to get an overview of this amazing place.

We were surprised at how well the park could handle all the people, it did not seem crowded at all and you certainly could do whatever you wanted without having to wait. All to soon we needed to make our way back to the train for the 2.5 hour ride back to Williams. The ride went fast and before we knew it we were back in Williams.

After returning we wondered over to the grocery store to pick up supplies and something for dinner and breakfast the next morning. As we were heading back to our Hostel, Peter said that guy in the cross walk looks just like Randy Johnson. Tracy said that is Randy and Julie and their granddaughter, they are our neighbors from Green Bay. What a small world, it was so great to see them and talk for a while. They are on a two week vacation and were traveling across the United States as well. Peter and I have been feeling kind of lonely lately and it was very nice to see someone from home!!

Tomorrow we head to Grand Canyon Caverns a campground near Peach Springs, AZ. Again we will be heading downhill the whole day – YEA!!

IMG_20160717_122436563_HDR IMG_20160717_122501159 IMG_20160717_125351582_HDR

Ran into neighbors - Randy and Julie Johnson and granddaughter in Williams, AZ

Ran into neighbors – Randy and Julie Johnson and granddaughter in Williams, AZ


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One response to “Flagstaff to Williams, AZ and Another Day Off”

  1. Mom says :

    Years ago I met a High School friend at the top of the Empire State Building which is now the third tallest tower in New York City.
    I look forward to hearing about what is working out for your drive through th Desert. Good for you for making this choice.

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