On the Road Again After a Fun Day Off in Albuquerque, NM

Day 35    July 7th    Albuquerque, NM  to Albuquerque, NM        o miles –           Total Miles.  1,939

Weather:  Beautiful, sunny, 95 degrees

Today was our day off the bicycle and we spent the day exploring ABQ.  It is a great city with lots to do, of which we were able to do some of it.  All to soon we needed to focus on getting back on the bicycle again.

Day 36 . July 8th       Albuquerque, NM  to Grants, NM     80 miles –        Total Miles.  2,019

Weather:  Sunny, tail wind in morning to head and cross in afternoon, 87 degrees

We started our morning with a view of an amazing sunrise out our hotel room window at the Albuquerque Hotel at Old Town.  We were up early to get on the road by sunrise – 6:30am.  The beginning of the ride was on the Paseo del Bosque Trail which dropped us off on Route 66 and the bridge to cross the Rio Grande.  Once we started our climb after crossing the river we were in for a climb up what the locals call “9 mile hill.”

The hill truly was a nine mile climb with a very steady but not extremely steep climb.  We just kept pedaling and before we knew it we were at the top and able to have a great view of the valley below.

Once again are route took us on I 40 for 20 plus miles.  The ride was going great and the down hills were fun on the nice wide shoulder.  But about half way thru our 20 miles we had a rear tire flat.  When riding the shoulder you must be aware of all the blown out tires laying there and steer around them.  Unfortunately when the tires blow they leave pieces everywhere and this includes small pieces of metal.  Well one of the metal pieces got in the back tire and popped the inner tube.  So we had to fix the tire on the shoulder of I – 40, but twenty minutes later we were back on the road again.

After we got off the interstate we were traveling thru several  pueblos – including Laguna and Acoma.  We did not stop to tour the pueblos but were able to see some from the road- amazing.  Some day we will have to come back and tour them.

The end of our day was spent traveling on Hwy 124/Historic Route 66.  The road was in great shape and provided amazing views of the adjacent land.  Once we got closer to Grants the rock became black in color as we were entering the lava fields from the eruption of Mount Taylor over 10,000 years ago.  It was very strange to see this type of rock in New Mexico, but just like Hawaii it is beautiful in its simplicity.


About 2016 WE BIKE, etc. Bicycle Adventures- Route 66

President and Founder of WE BIKE, etc., husband, father, son, friend, former law enforcement officer and outdoor enthusiast!

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