Catching Amazing Views in New Mexico

Day 31 July 3 Tucumcari, NM to Santa Rosa, NM 64 miles Total Miles – 1,727
Weather: Sunny, upper 80’s, light tail wind

First of all Tracy wants to thank everyone for their kind words and well wishes for a speedy recovery. Glad to say she is feeling lots better today and todays ride was not as much of a challenge.

After leaving Tucumcari we bicycled the first 12 miles on Interstate 40, we are getting used to being on the interstate and it continues to cheer us with the way the semi truck drivers treat us. They move over to the left lane when passing and give us lots of space. Frequently when we are not traveling on the interstate but bicycling on the adjacent frontage road the semi truck drivers will beep and wave to us – it really makes you feel good, we also have other motor vehicle drivers beep and wave but the majority by far are the truck drivers.

Today we climbed at the beginning of the trip and were over 5,000 feet at the highest point – about a 1,000 foot evaluation change today. The ride was mainly along the frontage roads of I-40 but we also were on some very nice but steep local and state highways from Cuervo to Santa Rosa.

The ride took us thru some isolated places with little or no services. The one stop we had was at Newkirk, about 30 miles in, which had a small convenience store/gas station. We walked in the store to find lunch, restrooms and fill up our water bottles. We found lunch, the restrooms were out of service and there was no water available. Luckily the owner was very nice and took the bottles to his private residence and filled them for us.

Before riding into Santa Rosa we stopped at the Love’s Travel Center for a snack. Boy was it busy there – we thought every church group within a 50 mile radius was at the travel center and boy were they loud!! It probably seemed especially loud after being on the bicycle in such a quiet environment all day.

The last 3 miles to Santa Rosa were downhill and we got checked into our hotel early to clean up and catch the end of the Tour De France.

We had a local news reporter contact us for an interview about our trip today – we got back to him to try to set it up. Hopefully we will hear from him yet today, well he never did get back to us so no interview. Can’t blame him it is a Sunday over the holiday weekend.

Happy 4th of July to everyone- think of us as we are climbing to Las Vegas, NM tomorrow.


After climbing Cuervo Road - long steep climb

After climbing Cuervo Road – long steep climb

Burned down gas station near Montoya, NM

Burned down gas station near Montoya, NM

Gas station in Newkirk

Gas station in Newkirk

Tracy feeling better - gas station in Newkirk

Tracy feeling better – gas station in Newkirk

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2 responses to “Catching Amazing Views in New Mexico”

  1. Mom says :

    Great news about you Tracy. I am little jealous over the beauty in NM. I like to think of it as eye food.

  2. Mom says :

    Hi travelers, When we were young and misbehaved my Father threatened David and me by suggesting he would put us on a train to Tucumcari. We would be equipped with Red wine smelly chese and salami!

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