Day off and Last Day in Texas

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

A Muddy Cadillac Ranch

A Muddy Cadillac Ranch

Day 28   June 30th   Amarillo,  TX to Amarillo, TX      0 miles –    Total Miles – 1,546

Today was a day off the bicycle and we enjoyed the day exploring the city.  We slept in and then took Uber to the Botanical Gardens.  The gardens were beautiful and it was fun to  all the different plants and trees that we do not have in Wisconsin.  Also to be able to put names to some of the vegetation we see when bicycling.

We then did some errands, took a nap and went out to dinner.  The off day went fast as they always do.


Day 29        July 1st    Amarillo, TX to Adrian, TX       52 miles –     Total Miles.  –  1,598

Weather:  Stormy in the morning, warm – 93 degrees, partly sunny,  Tailwind after storm went thru then changed to headwind

Today was a shorter day for us, due to what is available along the route. We are getting into some more isolated areas so have to plan a bit more to make sure we can get the things we need – like water, food and a place to stay.

Our day began waiting out the storm at the hotel for about 15 minutes – then it cleared enough so we could take off.  Although about 5 miles into other ride we once again took cover under a shelter until the rain stopped.  It is very strange here storms come in very fast and hard and then 10 minutes later they are gone and the sun comes back out.  Luckily we have not been in any real intense storms just lots of rain and wind.  Hopefully we will not experience a bad one while we are here.

Our first stop this morning was the Cadillac Ranch just west of Amarillo.  Due to the rain and the location of the cars basically between two crop fields. The path to the cars is basically dirt but now mud due to the rain we received.  But you just had to walk out there to see them up close and personal.  So we did and ended up with lots of mud on our bike shoes – oh well it all came off when it dried. The cars are cool and it was fun to see people standing in the water and painting the cars.  Who would think that such a unique thing could become so famous and draw people from all over the world.  It was nice to see them.  The ranch was created in 1974 by Texas millionaire Stanley Marsch 3 and the San Fransico artist collective Ant Farm.

We then headed to the small town of Vega where we stopped for lunch at the Hickory Café.  We walked in the restaurant at about 11:00am and there was one other person in the place.  The staff and the customer were very nice and asked lots of questions about our trip.  About 11:30am the place started to fill up until all the tables were full.  They served really good healthy food and obviously it was a favorite of the locals. We spent extra time at the restaurant because so many people wanted to know about our trip and were asking lots of questions.  We only had 15 miles to go for the day so it was nice to not have to take off so quick and instead enjoy talking with everyone.  We finally were able to leave and about an hour later were in Adrian.

Adrian is a small town with a population of 166 people, but it is the mid point of Route 66 – it is exactly 1,139 miles from Chicago and 1,139 from Los Angeles.  In town they have the Midpoint Café, Midpoint RV Campground and the Sunflower Station.   We got to the campground first and Bud the manager told us if we wanted to camp in the laundry room, shower and kitchen building we could – we jumped at it – it was air conditioned.  It is a small building but very comfortable and has everything we need.  Bud then told us to head down to the restaurant because it closes soon and to be sure to stop and talk with Fran at the Sunflower Station.  So off we went.  After a snack at the restaurant – they served delicious pie with what they call “Ugly Pie Crust”, we headed over to Sunflower Station to meet Fran.

Fran is a great lady and owned the Midpoint Café for many years.  She gave us the history of the Café and the explained how they discovered  that Adrian was the mid point of Route 66 – very interesting.   We also learned that Fran is famous – she was used as the model for Flo from the movie Cars.  She explained how that occurred and all the fun events she was able to attend because they used her in the film.  She gave us a signed copy of a picture of Flo and Flo’s V 8 Café from the movie and asked us to sign the Car out front. We have not scene the movie yet and plan to try to do that tonight.

Boy, it is amazing who you meet when you are out on the bicycle, you just never know. As we say you never have to look for adventure when on the bicycle, it finds you!!

Tracy Writing message on Car

Tracy Writing message on Car

Tracy with Fran Houser - Flo from Cars Movie

Tracy with Fran Houser – Flo from Cars Movie

Peter and Brody - Fran's shop dog

Peter and Brody – Fran’s shop dog


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One response to “Day off and Last Day in Texas”

  1. Mom says :

    What a great picture, thanks..

    Have you seen Fireworks? We and our house guests went to the Condo of a friend and enjoyed the local show while eating caloric treats and sipping wine.
    Tomorrow is my last full day at home before the trip to Wi.

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