Hills and Heat and Wind – Oh My!!

Day 24 June 26th Oklahoma City, Ok to Weatherford, Ok 76 miles Total Miles 1,331
Weather: Warm – 89 degrees, partly cloudy and strong cross and head wind

Today was another hard day on the bicycle due to the hills, heat and wind. We also had a mechanical problem and got lost!!

So we got going as early as possible and were cruising right along when about 10 miles into our ride we blew the rear tire. When the tire blew it was a really loud bang – which shredded the tire and blew a two inch hole in the inner tube. We had everything we needed to fix the tire and got it taken care of fairly quickly and were back on the road again. We made it to the town of Bethany – just west of Oklahoma City and were to ride around one side of Lake Overholser to continue west. Well Tracy’s navigating was not good and we ended up traveling along the east side of the lake instead of across the north end. By the time we figured it out we had gone two miles off route – oops!!

So we turned around and headed back north to cross where we were suppose to, on a good note the lake is beautiful and it has a nice bicycle trail around it – we got real familiar with the bicycle trail. We finally got back on route and had about 45 miles to go.

The rest of the ride was uneventful and we arrived in Weatherford about 5:oopm – it was a long day on the bicycle. Although one odd thing did happen – we were waiting at a signal to turn left and a truck drove thru the intersection pulling a trailer with an ATV on it. When suddenly the trailer was no longer attached to the truck and was flying down the road on it’s own. We were amazed that it did not flip or run into anything, it finally stopped and the guy went over to it and hooked it back up. Very strange.

For dinner we went to Lucille’s Road House which was right next door to our hotel.  It was originally located further east on Route 66 near the Town of Hydro.  It was built in 1927 and Lucille and her husband bought the restaurant and motor court in 1941,  When the interstate went it – the family had to decide if they wanted to keep the business open which they did for 59 years.  The original site is marked with a sign and was put on the National Register of Historic places in 1998.  We bicycled right past it on our way in.  At some point the business moved west and now is in a new building with lots of cool historic treasures displayed and great food served.

About 2016 WE BIKE, etc. Bicycle Adventures- Route 66

President and Founder of WE BIKE, etc., husband, father, son, friend, former law enforcement officer and outdoor enthusiast!

2 responses to “Hills and Heat and Wind – Oh My!!”

  1. Mom says :

    Sorry Tracy, sometimes I make the same kind of mistakes! This weekend in Oregon has been full of them as we navigated from garden to garden. As the main nanavigatoress an embarrassing number of times the driver had to turn around and take us in the opposite direction.

  2. 2016 WE BIKE, etc. Bicycle Adventures- Route 66 says :

    Thanks MOM- that makes me feel better!!

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