Hot Day for Ride to Tulsa, OK


The Center of the Universe with Warm Showers Host - Robyn and Mike

The Center of the Universe with Warm Showers Host – Robyn and Mike

Route 66 In Tulsa

Route 66 In Tulsa

Statues on Route 66 in Tulsa

Statues on Route 66 in Tulsa

Bridge Crossing in Tulsa, OK

Bridge Crossing in Tulsa, OK

Day 20 – June 22nd   Vinita, OK  to Tulsa, OK    –   67 miles       Total Miles – 1129

Once again we were up early and on the road by 6:30am to try to beat the heat.  Our ride was pretty uneventful and generally followed Route 66 the whole way.  This made navigating easy for Tracy.

There was not a lot to see along the trip but we did see a huge blue whale just past the Twin Bridges over the Verdigris River – evidently the whale was built in 1972.  The whale is 80 Ft long by 20 Ft tall and sits in a pond near the river.  It definitely is a Route 66 must see.

Slightly further down the road we saw the Tulsa skyline and were excited to get to the city to check it out.  Plans are to take a day off in Tulsa and our Warm Showers host has graciously agreed to host us for two days.  We are heading right to our hosts house when we get to Tulsa to get out of the heat.

That evening our hosts – Robyn and Mike took us downtown for a neighborhood celebration and dinner at one of their favorite restaurants.  We had a fun evening together and got a chance to see Tulsa. They took us out to several interesting places in Tulsa – including the Center of the Universe – an interesting place where you stand in a specific spot and talk and the sound echoes back to you, it is truly amazing and Robyn explained that the city has asked several experts to check out the area and try to determine why it echoes.  No one has been able to figure it out.

Day 21 – June 23rd.   Tulsa, OK to Tulsa, OK.   0 miles             Total Miles – 1129

Weather:  Sunny, very hot – 97 degrees – good day to be off the bicycling

We took the next day off and our hosts were gracious enough to take us out again and continue the tour.  We really enjoyed our visit and our hosts could not have been better. It was fun to see Tulsa with two people that know it so well.

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2 responses to “Hot Day for Ride to Tulsa, OK”

  1. Mom says :

    Thanks to your Hosts in Tulsa for being so welcoming.

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