Three States- Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma in One Day and Hit the 1,000 Mile Mark

Gas Station in Afton, Ok

Gas Station in Afton, Ok

Welcome to Oklahoma

Welcome to Oklahoma

The Rainbow Bridge - Kansas

The Rainbow Bridge – Kansas

Route 66 in Kansas

Route 66 in Kansas

Day 19 – June 21. Cartage, MO to Vinita, OK  84 miles – Total Miles – 1.062

Weather:  Hot 95 degrees, sunny, headwind

We got up early and were on the road by 6:30am to try to beat the heat.  Shortly after we got on the road we were in Kansas – which has only 12 miles of route 66 going thru the state.  We bicycled thru 3 towns in Kansas, one being Galena which has totally embraced the Route 66 theme.  The town is also know for the “The Cars on the Route Café”. Which is an old service station that has been turned into a deli.  The other cool thing about the deli is the “Tow Tater” truck which was made famous in the Disney Movie Cars – “Tow Mater” was parked into the street in front. We have not scene the movie Cars yet I guess we will have to.

Just outside of Galena is the Rainbow Bridge built in 1923- the only remaining single span concrete arch bridge on the entire length of Route 66.  When bicycling across the bridge we almost ran into a woman from a group of tourist when she did not hear our repeated warnings that we were passing – she just kept moving in front of us.  See the video of our crossing attached.

We then entered Oklahoma with the first town being Commerce- the boyhood home of Mickey Mantle.  It was funny because as we were bicycling thru town Tracy saw a baseball field and commented that is was an amazing field and something special – at the time we did not know it was the boyhood home of Mickey Mantle and the beautiful field was built in honor of him – too funny!!

The next town was Miami – where we bicycled right by the Coleman Theater – built in 1929 – in the Spanish Mission Style – quite an impressive building. It was part of the Orpheum Vaudeville circuit and hosted the likes of the Three Stooges, Tom Mix and Will Rogers.

The last thirty miles to Vinita were tough, it was getting hotter, more windy and a bit more hilly.  We were glad to get into the hotel and cool down!!

Sorry this blog is late – it was done and due to computer problems it was deleted so I had to write it again – bummer.  So enjoy!!


About 2016 WE BIKE, etc. Bicycle Adventures- Route 66

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