Bicycle Repaired – On the Road Again

Our Master Mechanic - Jeff

Our Master Mechanic – Jeff

Gemini Giant - Wilmington, IL

Gemini Giant – Wilmington, IL

June 10 Day 8 – Joliet, IL – Dwight, IL. 48 miles Total Miles – 387
Weather: Hot, 94 degrees, sunny with 15 mph head wind

Thanks to Jeff at Sumbaum Cycle we were able to continue our trip this morning. Jeff contacted us yesterday afternoon and said the bike was ready to go – YEA!! Jeff did a great job on the repair and did it quickly – thanks Jeff!!

So we took off from Joliet about 9:00am this morning. We planned a shorter ride today because we thought we would not be able to leave until noon today. Even though we traveled fewer miles the ride was hard due to a strong head wind and high temperature.

This is the first time we are traveling on actual Route 66. The route took us by some unique natural areas as well as man-made items. The first city we hit was Elwood – which was the inspiration for the Blues Brothers – Elwood Blues. It also is home to the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. Did you know Abraham Lincoln was the founder of the National Cemeteries, he created them as a final resting place for the Civil War dead. It is amazing to ride thru this 982 acre site and see grave stones as far as the eye can see – very moving. 28 funerals were going to be done the day we were there. Evidently anyone who served in any military branch had had an honorable discharge or their spouse can be buried at the site.

After leaving the cemetery we came to the town of Wilmington and saw our first “Muffler Man”- basically a large statue that was used in the 1960 to stop the traveler so they would come into your business. This one was used to get the traveler to eat at the Launching Pad – the Muffler Man was holding a rocket and had a space helmet on. See picture.

The next community housed the Polk- a-Dot Drive In which was from the 1950’s and housed much Route 66 memorabilia. We did not stop because the place was extremely busy with a motor cycle group of about 30 that we traveled with most of the day.

The last 15 miles of the day was along Route 66 – which was located adjacent to Interstate 55. The road was quiet and in good shape but unfortunately nothing to block the head wind – it was a tough 15 miles!! But we got in fairly early, which is good because tomorrow we will get going early to try to beat the heat – it is suppose to be mid 90’s with a strong head wind again tomorrow.


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  1. mom says :

    Be cool as you can be and plan a nice overnight with, maybe, more than one shower!

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