We Made It – Venice, LA/Gulf of Mexico

Peter at end of trip

Peter at end of trip

Tracy at end of trip

Tracy at end of trip

October 21, 2015 Day 48

New Orleans, LA to Venice, LA. 91 miles Total Miles 2,968

Weather 75 degrees, partly sunny and strong headwind 15 -20 mph

Well we are done!!! YEA!!  Today ended up being a bit longer than we thought and tougher due to the strong headwind.  The ride down to Venice was actually uneventful and there was not a lot to see with the levee on one side and trees on the other side we could not even see the water.

Our trip began with a ferry ride from New Orleans to get us on the west side of the river so we could go all the way down to Venice – a ferry located further south was out of service so we had to get on the west side early.  A woman who commutes to work on the ferry helped us to get on the ferry, off the ferry and to the trail we needed to head south – it is always nice to have help from someone that lives in the area and knows actually what to do.

After a long day in the saddle we finally made it to the end and took the mandatory picture of the south most point sign – see attached. The sign was actually located in a industrial area and no one was around to take a picture of the two of us so we had to take one of each of us at the end.

So there you go another trip completed and now all we have to do is bicycle back to New Orleans – we are actually pretty burned out and are looking for a ride back north. I have a feeling we will not find one and end up pedaling our way north – hopefully the wind will be at our backs!

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2 responses to “We Made It – Venice, LA/Gulf of Mexico”

  1. Melanie Trethowan says :

    Congratulations! You are both so inspiring! I have been watching/reading your blog with interest as my husband and I have plans to do the same ride when he retires in a couple of years time. You have earned a long rest and a cold beer to celebrate your achievement. All the best from Mudgee, Australia!

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