Elvis Presley/Graceland and Made it to Mississippi



Motel in Tunica, MS

Motel in Tunica, MS

Bicycle Shop In Memphis

Bicycle Shop In Memphis

October 9, 2015 – Day 36

Memphis, TN to Memphis TN. 0 miles  Total Miles – 2,250

Weather 73 degrees, partly sunny, rain later in day

Took the day off and explored Memphis – we had fun walking around town and checking it out.  We went to the Cotton Museum – very cool, Ghost River Brewery, Post office – to mail stuff home, river park to eat lunch and watch the world go by, nap, walk to the High Cotton Brewery, dinner and wander thru Main Street and check out the shops and restaurants.

Fun day and much needed day off the bicycle – Memphis is a nice city and is currently doing amazing amounts of work in the city to make it more user friendly. The people in Memphis are very nice and friendly- they really go out of their way to say hello and welcome you to the city.

October 10, 2015 – Day 37

Memphis, TN to Tunica, MS. 46 miles  Total Miles – 2,296

Weather 75 degrees  sunny and tail/cross wind from the north

We left Memphis a bit later than usual because we wanted to stop at the bicycle shop to put some air in our tires.   The shop was suppose to open at 10:00am so we got there early and had a coffee at the shop next door with plans to wonder over at 10:00am so we could get air and head off for our day of bicycling.  Unfortunately the employee did not show up for work until almost 10:30am – we were just getting ready to leave when he finally pulled up!!  We got the air and headed out to Graceland to check it out and decide if we wanted to see anything and if so how long it would take.  By the time we got there a two hour wait was required to see the mansion, we decided a two hour wait was not going to fit into our day – snapped a few pictures and headed towards Mississippi.

It was unbelievable how many people were there. It would have been fun to take a tour or two;  I guess we will have to come back someday.  Tracy’s mom is a huge Elvis fan and was at Graceland several years ago and really enjoyed the tour and suggested we check it out – good idea.

We have found since entering the southern states campgrounds are few and far between and Warm Shower Hosts are also hard to find – so we have had to stay at hotels – unfortunately some of the hotels are lower level, but the only one available – for example tonight we are at the Royal Scott Inn and Suites in Tunica – not a great motel- the room does not smell so good!! Tracy was rather grossed out but there is nowhere else to stay so we are making the best of it and have the door and window open to air it out!!  Hopefully that will help.  Tomorrow we have to actually go off route about 15 miles to find somewhere to stay – we are not sure what will happen the next day – again no camping and hotels are hard to come by.  Oh well we will make due with what we find.

We are actually getting close to the end of our trip we have a little under 500 miles to go.  It has gone faster than we thought and we are getting excited to get to New Orleans and the Gulf.

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