Happy Birthday Ride – Peter Turns 54 Today

Peter enjoying his birthday Brownie Sundae

Peter enjoying his birthday Brownie Sundae

At the Indian Mounds near Oakville, IA

At the Indian Mounds near Oakville, IA

You never know when you have to go!!

You never know when you have to go!!

54 miles - the age of the birthday boy

54 miles – the age of the birthday boy

September 28, 2015 – Day 25

Muscatine, IA to Burlington, IA  64 miles – Total miles – 1,599

Weather – 80 degrees, sunny, headwind – was a hot day

Today is Peter’s  Birthday the big 54!!  So we slept in later today and got on the road by about 10:00am. The first twenty miles were on ST Hwy X61 which was a marginal road but at least the traffic volume was low.  Although we have discovered and it was confirmed by our Warm Shower Host last night that in Iowa when motor vehicles come up behind a bicyclists on a road with no shoulder; frequently the passing vehicle driver will go over to the other lane with no regard for the vehicle driver driving in the approaching lane – we have seen many close calls between the two drivers and even have had the approaching driver get mad at us and give us the not so nice wave.  If the passing vehicle driver would simply wait a couple of seconds and then pull over to pass us when clear it would be so much safer for all.  So our advice to anyone driving in Iowa beware of drivers passing bicyclists at the wrong time!!

21 more miles down the road we stopped for lunch in the small town of Oakville.  The Piggy Bank Café was just wrapping up for the day but served us a great lunch – their special – meatloaf, mashed potatoes, vegetables was to die for very yummy!! The owners were very nice and the husband explained the history of the building to us.  It was originally a bank built pre prohibition era. They still have the vault in the restaurant which looks really cool and is available for a private lunch upon request.  Unfortunately in 2008 the town experienced a major flood and the building was severely damaged with water in it about 3 feet deep.  But the community members and numerous volunteers were able to clean up the building and get the restaurant up and going again.

The staff at the restaurant was great and bought Peter out a very yummy brownie sundae with a lit candle in it – it was very cute and really surprised Peter and made his birthday extra special. With full bellies we hopped on the bicycle for the last 21 miles to Burlington.  The ride was entirely on ST Hwy 99 which was a nice quiet road.  We got into town and headed to the Welcome Center to get the scoop on what to do in town and they were closed for the day – bummer.  Oh well we figured it out and biked an extra 5 miles to a hotel for the night,  the first one we picked  only had smoking rooms available – we didn’t even think they had smoking rooms anymore.

Tomorrow is a day off for us Yea!! It has been ten days since we had a day off and we need this one. So no posts tomorrow.

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4 responses to “Happy Birthday Ride – Peter Turns 54 Today”

  1. Judy Schroeder says :

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER, WISHING YOU MANY MORE HEALTHY AND HAPPY BIRTHDAYS. I sure enjoy reading your posts, looking forward to them each day. Safe travels. Judy

  2. Myron Skott says :

    Peter and Tracy,
    Happy Birthday, Peter
    You guys rolled right past the John Deere Pavilion in Moline. Y’all missed a wonderful stop.
    Please try to not miss Fast Eddy’s in Grafton, IL. I can tell from your other posts that it will be a good stop, either lunch or dinner.

    I have been reading all posts; wish I was there.

    Myron (and Cathy) Skott

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