Less Hills and Less Miles

Peter with his nephew Daniel and his wife Christin in Dubuque

Peter with his nephew Daniel and his wife Christin in Dubuque

At the Fall Festival outside of Dubuque, IA

At the Fall Festival outside of Dubuque, IA

Tracy with a drone following her

Tracy with a drone following her

Waiting for the train to move

Waiting for the train to move

September 27, 2015 – Day 24

Clinton, IA to Muscatine, IA – 74 miles. Total Miles 1,535

Weather – 74 degrees, partly sunny and breezy – another beautiful fall day

We had a basic breakfast at the campground and headed down the road, although we had only traveled maybe a mile and got held up by a train blocking the street we were trying to cross.  After waiting for a few minutes Tracy looked down the road and said we can go back a street and cross over there, otherwise we might still be waiting for the train to move – it did not appear to be moving anytime soon.

Speaking of trains due to a derailment during the day yesterday we had lots and lots of train rolling past the campground last night – they finally got everything back on track and we had nonstop trains blowing their whistles at the unmarked crossing right by the campground – it was not the most restful night.  Oh well we have learned after our cross country trip it appears most campgrounds are located next to railroad tracks.

The City of Princeton was the first community we traveled through – it was 20 miles from Clinton and still asleep on this Sunday morning so we decided to continue on and have lunch in Le Claire – 5 miles down the road. Le Claire was a really nice town with a great main street and lots to see and do – they even have a Buffalo Bill Museum – which we did not tour but is suppose to be interesting and features other notable people from the area.

After a good lunch in LeClaire we headed to the quad cities Bettendorf, Davenport, Moline, IL and Rock Island, IL.  We traveled on a great trail thru the cities of Riverdale, Bettendorf and Davenport – the Riverfront Trail for about ten miles thru the cities and adjacent to the Mississippi River.  Thanks to the Davenport representatives and the philosophy of the area – “Let Mother Nature Take Her Course We Will All Be Better Off” the trail became a reality.  Due to the Davenport representatives anti-levee and anti-floodwall policies the trail runs along side the banks of the river allowing bicyclists to get up close to the river. Definitely a trail to check out.

After traveling on this great trail it was hard to get back on the State Highway but back on to Hwy 22 all the way to Muscatine, IA was our route to complete our ride.  It was not a great place to ride narrow road with no shoulder and in poor condition, but thankfully the motor vehicle drivers were few and the ones that were on the road were great about going around us. Unfortunately about two miles from the end of  our ride we hit a bad spot on the road and blew the back tire.  So everything came off the bike and Peter put on a new tire and tube and blew it up with the compressed air we carry about 15 minutes later we were back onto he road.  Not bad I think that is the fastest we ever changed the back tire and it actually went well!!

We are at a Warm Showers tonight – with Jeanne.  She is a great hostess and very welcoming – we have enjoyed getting to know her and appreciate her hospitality.  Jeanne is a animal nutritionist and her job sounds very interesting but also very demanding.  She is off for a bicycle trip this week that she is very much looking forward to – her and several friends are off to tackle the next section of the Mississippi River Trail.  They have been bicycling pieces for years and will be on the section from her home to the St Louis, MO area.

Sorry there have not been any Go Pro Videos the attachment to hold the camera to my helmet broke – we finally got the replacement piece in Dubuque- so more video to come.

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