A Night with Yogi Bear

September 24, 2015 – Day 21

LaCrosse, WI to Bagley, WI.     Miles –  76    Total miles – 1,328

Weather beautiful 75 degrees, sunny, light wind

We started this morning in La Crosse after an overnight stay with our oldest daughter’s boyfriend Dillon.  We slept in a little later than usual, had breakfast and headed out about 9:00am.

Our ride started out easy with a 2 mile ride on the Pammel Creek Bike Path in La Crosse.  The path is located adjacent to a large drainage way and easily dropped you off right on Hwy 14/35 to head south along the Mississippi again.  The ride today was unbelievably beautiful with great views of the mighty river.  Hwy 35 is located between the river, railroad tracks and bluffs a great place to be. The road itself was in pretty good shape but we had a couple of stretches where the shoulder was very narrow and in poor shape, it makes for a tough ride because you really have to pay attention due to the margin of error being really tight.

We stopped for lunch at the Town of Lynxville and then rode the last 15 miles into Prairie du Chien. Having just been in Prairie du Chien three months ago on our Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway ride it was fun to be back.  We even found the good coffee shop we went to last time to have a coffee and a snack before tackling the last 18 miles to our campground for the night in Bagley. We knew we had a big – really big climb (on Hwy C) out of town towards Wyalusing and the state park. Unfortunately it did not get any smaller since we climbed it in June.  It is a 3 mile straight up climb – ouch.  But once again we made it to the top and were rewarded with a great downhill on Hwy X to the Yogi Yellowstone Campground.

The campground is your typical Yogi Bear Campground with lots of Yogis and his friends located throughout the area – really cute actually. Peter of course had to take some pictures with the characters – I will put them up tomorrow.

Tomorrow we hit a new state – Iowa.  We will spend the night with our nephew Daniel and his wife in Dubuque.  More to come.

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