Camping Along the Mississippi River in Palisade, MN

September 17, 2015 – Day 14

Grand Rapids MN to Palisade, MN – 50 miles.  Total Miles – 869

Weather, 73 degrees, humid, cloudy, strong headwind and stormy

Today we got up a bit later at the hotel and took our time getting moving – we only had 50 miles to go today. It was nice to sleep in and not have to hurry to get going this morning – besides our legs were tried after our long ride the day before.

Our ride today was once again easy to navigate- yea!!  We traveled on CR 3 and CR 10 the whole way.  County Rd 10 is the Great River Road and you are up close and personal with the Mississippi River many times along the ride. The road is lightly traveled and has a small shoulder to add some space – although the motor vehicle drivers were great and typically went way around us.  The only hard thing about the route was there were no services along it.  Luckily we had enough water and food along to get us through the fifty miles.

When deciding how far to go today we really debated because we wanted to go farther – to Brainerd, MN but it would have been over 100 miles – so that was out.  Atkins and Crosby were our other choices but even to Atkins we would have added another 20 miles and with the call for storms and rain all day we decided to cut it short.  This proved to be a good choice because shortly after getting our tent set up in Palisade the rain came down.

We are using the Bicycling Guide to the Mississippi River book to navigate and the author listed Palisade as a Recommended Stop and he was right – just up the street was the main street with everything you needed – a Café, grocery store and two bars.  Also the campground is very nice with improved restrooms and showers and right on the Mississippi River.  When we arrived at the campground we ran into a young couple who were kayaking the river from the headwaters to the Gulf.  We talked to them for a while and wished them luck on their journey. Hopefully we will run into them again along the route.

In a couple of days we will be to Minneapolis and will stay with our youngest daughter Alex.  It will be great to see her and find out how school is going.

Attached are some photos from past days.

Peter Crossing the Mississippi River

Peter Crossing the Mississippi River

Peter and Tracy at the Headwaters

Peter and Tracy at the Headwaters

Peter at the Headwaters

Peter at the Headwaters

Entering Itasca State Park

Entering Itasca State Park

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