We Made it to International Falls, MN

Peter at Campsite -cold morning

Peter at Campsite -cold morning

Tracy with her new Friend

Tracy with her new Friend

Voyageurs National Park

Voyageurs National Park

Tracy near Canadian Border in International Falls, MN

Tracy near Canadian Border in International Falls, MN

Day 9 – September 12, 2015

Orr, MN to International Falls(Canadian Border) – 60 miles Total miles 520

Weather 38 degrees to start the day, 67 and sunny by days end, nice tail wind

Last night due to it being so cold we watched a movie on Netflix in the tent.  It was fun and a good way to end the day.

Woke up after a cold night in the tent to 35 degrees.  Peter started up the camp stove and after a hot cup of tea/coffee and oatmeal we were ready to start the day.  Finished breaking camp and head north to the City of Orr.  They had a little commercial area with a gas station/convenience store – Peter needed a real coffee and we both had a donut.  While enjoying our second breakfast we sat down near a group of local gentlemen.  They were very interested in our trip and we even discussed football and found many of them were hard core Packer Fans.

After we left Orr, there was no towns until we hit the City of Ray about 35 miles north.  We were traveling thru the Voyagers National Park area and it was beautiful but had little or no development which was nice!!  Although we did find an unexpected convenience store and bait show about 20 miles south of Ray.  The owner said the business had been in his family for 80 years and he recently turned it over to his boys but still works at the retail store. They have the retail store and the wholesale bait business which is extremely successful. He enjoys working the retail shop because he sees customers who have been coming there for 25 – 30 years.  We spent time talking with the owner and spoiling his dog – who was a sweetie!!

Once we hit the City of Ray we only had 15 miles to International Falls – about 7 miles out we stopped for our last break and Peter was checking the phone and we had a text from a friend of our – Randy Schultz. He had just driven past us heading south on Hwy 53, he was coming back from a fishing trip.  What are the chances!!

We made it to International Falls early afternoon.  We went over to the border crossing and took some pictures and then headed into town for a late lunch at the Coffee Landing Café. Our Warm Showers host Robin from Virginia had recommended it. Lunch was delicious and we were extremely hungry.  Our day ended at the Americ Inn, tomorrow we begin heading south.

Had a bit of excitement at the hotel  tonight – a garbage can/ash tray just outside the door near our room started on fire and started the side of the hotel on fire also.  The car that was parked next to the garbage can also was damaged.  The fire alarm went off and everyone had to get out of the building,  As we were watching from the hotel entrance the fire got bigger and bigger, we were hoping the fire department would be able to put it out before it got to our room and our mode of transportation.   Luckily one of the hotel maintenance men pulled a hose and started to put water on the building and then another one came out with a fire extinguisher.  Between the two of them they were able to at least slow the fire a bit. The volunteer fire department arrived a couple of minutes later and doused the building and pulled the siding away to make sure it was not in the walls.  Our hallway smells a bit like smoke but otherwise all is well.

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