Brrr!! A Cold Day in Northern Minnesota

September 11, 2015 Day 8

Virginia, MN – Orr, MN – 45 miles Total miles – 460

Weather – 42 – 52 degrees, cloudy and strong head wind 10 plus mph

Today the winter bicycling gear came in handy – when we left our Warm Showers stay in Virginia it was in the low 40’s – so on went the tights, fleece jacket, gloves and plastic bags in our shoes to keep our feet warm.

Rob and Betsey were very gracious hosts and Rob’s oatmeal, yogurt, fruit mix was very good and gave us lots of energy – thanks Rob.  It is so fun to meet people thru the Warm Showers program.  They are very interesting and have great stories to tell us about their lives and how they are making a difference in their own communities.  Rob is making a difference thru his work as an elder attorney and bicycling advocate and Betsey is making a difference with her sustainability work at the college level.

Our ride today was uneventful but definitely a tough one – cold weather and a nasty head wind caused us to shorten the day a bit more than usual. Also the fact that we could not find a campground within easy bicycling distance from Orr ended our day south of Orr in the Pine Acres Campground. Nice campground and couple who run it – retired teachers from Northwest Wisconsin.

Oh yea I forgot to tell you about the two gentlemen we met yesterday when we stopped at the rest area just south of Virginia – the guys from Ely – they were headed to Duluth to pick up Uncle Bob’s daughter and then would be returning to Ely.  They were very nice and took some pictures of us and we talked for a while and passed our business card on to them and told them to check out our blog etc.  Peter and I just chuckled the next day when we got a message from the Guys from Ely.  It was nice to hear from them and know they are also following our trip.

We are sitting in the Lodge at the Campground having a snack and doing our social media tasks. Soon we will need to go back out into the cold, make dinner and get ready for bed.  The sleeping bag should feel good tonight it is suppose to get down in the 30’s – hopefully we won’t freeze.  Tomorrow we will get to International Falls and then we will finally head south!!

Tomorrow I will post some pictures and video from our trip. Although we have been really luck and had good connectivity thanks to Verizon and the Jet Pack – it has been well used throughout the trip and allowed me to put up video and pictures.  Hope you are enjoying them.

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President and Founder of WE BIKE, etc., husband, father, son, friend, former law enforcement officer and outdoor enthusiast!

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