Off to Duluth, MN

Our Campground for the night in Iron River, WI

Our Campground for the night in Iron River, WI

Stopping for lunch in Popular, WI

Stopping for lunch in Popular, WI

Mothers Kitchen in Popular, WI

Mothers Kitchen in Popular, WI

Duluth, MN

Duluth, MN

September 8, 2015 Day 5

Iron River, WI to Duluth, MN  59 miles  Total miles 351

Weather mid 70, partly sunny and slight head wind – beautiful day for a bicycle ride

We headed out of the campground early and were on the road by 7:30am.  Our first stop was for breakfast – it looked like rain when we got up so we decided to break camp and eat breakfast on the road rather than at camp.  We really, really wanted a big old donut!!  Drove into town and could only find a gas station convenience store and ended updating an English muffin sandwich with processed egg, cheese and sausage – not good!!

After we got done eating and were getting on the bicycle I looked down the street and saw the Town bakery bummer I am sure we could have found lots of goodies there – oh well I am sure we will find lots more donuts along the way.

We once again were on Hwy 2 until Popular, WI about 25 miles and then jumped on Hwy 53 and 2 – the ride along the highway was fine – wide shoulder but the noise of the cars going by was loud.  Luckily we only had about five miles on the highway until we got off on a quiet county highway.  We then crossed the Mississippi River for the first time on our trip at the Town of Oliver, WI.  The bridge was very old and narrow with very little traffic – Peter and I crossed it easily with no cars behind us – nice.  The view was amazing and the bridge very unique – I wish I had a video to show you but my camera battery was dead,  so you will have to take my word for it!!

After crossing into Minnesota we traveled along Hwy 23 all the way to our friends – Kathy and Tim’s in Duluth.  Hwy 23 was pretty good to ride on but one large section was under construction and the only way north was through it.  Peter and I took a deep breathe and went for it – we actually pulled off the road a couple of times to let the line of cars behind us pass.  It sure was nice to get out of the construction area.  Upon reaching Duluth we needed to climb the hills to our friends house – boy are the hills steep in Duluth and of course our destination was at the top!!!  But well worth the climb for a great dinner (Salmon)  and visit with our good friends of thirty some years.

We will take a day off in Duluth on September 9th.  So watch for our next post on September 10th as we head towards International Falls.

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2 responses to “Off to Duluth, MN”

  1. Tom says :

    Hi there! I’m Dillon’s pal Tom from Grand Rapids, MN. I was planning on keeping my eyes peeled in hopes of meeting you guys this week as you pass on through, but I just found your route and I see you’re heading south through Walker instead. You’ll enjoy Itasca State Park…I find it kind of amazing that the river you can walk across in just a few steps at Itasca State Park is the same river that I live 100 feet from and that Melissa and Dillon lived just blocks from for the past couple years. I’m passing your information along to my Pops, he’s an avid biker. Enjoy the ride!

    • Tom says :

      PS. Forgot that the point of commenting on this specific post of yours was to point out that it was the St. Louis River (not the Mississippi) that you cross at Oliver, WI. Dillon said I should tell you 🙂

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