Back into Wisconsin

September 7, 2015 Day 4

Ironwood, MI – Iron River, WI – 69 miles      Total miles – 292

Weather 74 in the morning up to 84 by afternoon – partly cloudy and head wind

Our Warm Showers stay in Ironwood was very nice and our host got up early to make us breakfast before we left for the day.  The place we stayed was what he refers to as a “pondinimum” which is a small home on a small lake.  The home had a wood fired sauna with a shower in it, a loft for sleeping and a small living room and kitchen. Everything and more that we needed.

We got on the road a little later than usual because we stayed to visit longer with our host, but by 9:00am we were ready to go.  Our trip again was along Hwy 2 in Michigan, which again had  a great shoulder to bicycle upon, Native American Reservation land, which had great roads with good shoulders and into Wisconsin which had great and terrible shoulders to ride upon.  We made the best of it and the motor vehicle drivers were again very good about giving us as much space as possible.

Our route took us thru the City of Ashland with amazing views of Lake Superior. We ended up spending much more time in Ashland then we planned due to the replacement of our rear tire – which took much longer than expected because of some mechanical difficulties with the replacement.  Luckily we were doing the replacement at an outdoor adventure shop right on Lake Superior with a multi use path out their back door.  So Tracy could people and lake watch while Peter fixed the bike. The video is of the lake side pathway in Ashland – very nice and well used.

Our ride from Ashland to Iron River was a tough one lots of hills and again it was pretty hot with a head wind to fight.  We got in a little later than we like to and had problem finding somewhere to stay, but with the help of a local woman she got us to a close campground with showers – Moon Lake Campground.  It is run by the Town of Iron River and then have a campground host – it is a nice place.

After a much needed shower we were asked to come to dinner by the campground host and several other campers – we had already eaten dinner but went to socialize and have a drink and a little something to eat.  When you are bicycling as much as we are it seems like you just can’t get enough to eat.  We had a nice time getting to know the other campers.  Although they were a bit to rowdy for us in the end.  We headed for bed about 9:30pm after a long day and knowing we had a early morning and long ride the next day.  Unfortunately the other campers decided to stay up until the wee hours and were loud and kept driving past our tent with their very noisy ATV and shining their lights into the tent.  Needless to say we did not get a lot of sleep – bummer. Oh well I guess that is just the way it is at campgrounds sometimes.

Tomorrow we head out aging on Hwy 2 towards Duluth, MN.

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