Traveling Through Michigan on Hwy 2 – Nice!!

September 6, 2015 – Day 3

Iron River, MI  to Ironwood, MI – 81 miles  Total miles 223

Weather – 74 degrees at beginning of ride, cloudy, with storms threatening,  storms stayed south – became clear and hot – 84 degrees with a nasty head wind

We got up and going early today because we knew we would have a long day on the bike.  We left the hotel by 7:30am along with many motorcycle riders.

Tracy loved navigating today because we got on Hwy 2 in Iron River and stayed on Hwy 2 until Ironwood – this is the first time in a really long time on one of our trips that Tracy did not have a map in her back pocket.  Nice change.  Hwy 2 in Michigan is a great place to bicycle – Hats Off to Michigan for getting it Right – the road has a 10 foot wide shoulder with the rumble strips in the proper place next to the fog line. Not only did we lots of space to ride but there were not many cars on the road.

Hwy 2 is fairly hilly and it felt like we were riding up hill most of the day – but at least the hills were not extremely steep just rollers.  The last twenty miles of the ride were tough because the head winds really kicked up, it was hot and we were getting tired. But we made it to our Warm Showers Host by 4:30pm and had a chance to get to know him, share stories, clean up and eat a great dinner.  He was a very gracious host and we really enjoyed hearing his stories about bicycling in Europe and other exotic areas of the world.

Well the storm we were suppose to get today is finally here with a steady rain and thunder this evening – luckily we are staying in a nice little guest house on a small pond – dry and warm.

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2 responses to “Traveling Through Michigan on Hwy 2 – Nice!!”

  1. Paula says :

    Sounds like it’s going well so far! Highway 2 sounds great compared to the roads we rode in Michigan!

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