Museum at the Portage to an Evening with Family

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Day 9 – June 30, 2015

Portage to Fond du Lac –    68 miles

Weather – Partly cloudy, slight wind, 75 degrees, nice day

We stayed over night at the Best Western Hotel in Portage – they were very nice and stored our bicycle in their meeting room so we did not have to haul it up to the third floor!! The next morning one of the employees saw the bicycle and was very intrigued by it and wanted to know the whole story about our trip.  She was amazed by our trip and even more so about our cross country trip the summer before. Very nice lady.

After a good breakfast we headed over to the Museum at the Portage, where Ted Rebolz gave us a personal tour.  Ted is very knowledgeable about Portage history and the displays in the museum.  The museum is located in the William and Zona Gale Breese Home at 804 McFarland.  The home was donated to the city of Portage in 1942 to house the Public Library. In 1994 the library moved to a new building and the Portage Historical Society was formed and the Museum at the Portage was formed.  Zona Gale is a famous author and wrote many books, short stories, poetry, plays etc. beginning in 1906.  The study where she did most of her writing is preserved and available for viewing.  The home is on the National Register of Historic Places and worth a trip on its own.

The museum houses displays on everything from the Portage Canal to curling. Admission is free and well worth the trip. After our private tour we headed on our way for a nice relaxing ride to Fond du Lac.  We followed the Columbia County Bicycle Loop Route on part of the ride – they did a nice job of setting up the bicycle loops they are beautiful, low traffic routes.  The ride was uneventful and we got to Peter’s brothers house about 4:00pm. A warm shower, home cooked chicken dinner, good conversation and visit made for a nice evening.

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