Rain in the “Prairie” made “Spring Green”

Day 7 – June 28, 2015

Prairie du Chien to Spring Green – 66 miles

Weather: Stormy/Rainy, 75 degrees Calm wind/ Head wind later in day

Yesterday afternoon we hopped on the bike and pedaled into Prairie du Chien to further check out the area. It is a very nice community and has some great views of the mighty Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers. The downtown is looking pretty good and has some new stores as well as some old ones that have been there for ever – including the famous Pete’s which is a small hamburger stand which has been there for 109 years. It was amazing to see the lines to get a hamburger. That is all they serve and people will wait in lines for hours to get one. We met a gentleman that morning who told us about Pete’s he said  people come from all over to try them. Ever year he has to make sure he gets his Pete’s fix!! We did not try one but probably should have because the line was actually pretty short when we went by and then we could say we had a Pete’s burger.

On another note I forgot to mention yesterday – Mary Antoine from the Fort Crawford Museum (she gave us the great tour yesterday) son (Matt) was a bronze medalist in Skeleton in the winter Olympics in Russia – really cool. He is training now and hopes to get back to the next winter Olympics. For those of you who are not familiar with Skeleton it basically is athletes sliding downhill on a sled face down at a very high rate of speed. Sounds scary to me!! Matt became interested in Skeleton after watching the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002, even after being cut after his first tryout for the team his interest was not killed. Twelve years later his dream came true and included an Olympic medal.

Today we got up early had breakfast and planned to leave by 7:00am but the first wave of the storm came thru and we decided to ride it out at the hotel and leave after. An hour later we were able to get on the bike. If we kept cruising we thought we would be able to stay ahead of the second wave of the storm – it worked pretty well.

For our ride back to Spring Green we traveled on the south side of the Wisconsin River – we came down on the north side mainly highway 60. The south side was a much nicer ride than the north side. The roads were less busy and had paved shoulders most of the way. The first part of the ride was on County Hwy C it was beautiful but it had a major climb about 5 miles in (near Millville). But I am glad to report we made it over the top. We traveled Hwy 133 for the rest of the ride on the south side of the river – it was a great road low volume traffic with a nice wide shoulder.

The whole ride we were just ahead of the storm – although we did get wet several times when the front edge of the storm caught up with us. But never had a through soaking thank goodness. When we left in the morning the weather man said 90% chance of rain and some severe storms – we really lucked out with the weather – it could have been an all-day soaking!!

We had no stops scheduled for today so we did not have to get anywhere at any particular time which was nice. We really cruised on the bicycle today to try and stay ahead of the storm – which we were able to do and are now in Spring Green for another night of camping at the Wisconsin Riverside Resort a really nice campground located right on the Wisconsin River.

Have a great video of crossing the Wisconsin River and going over the top of the hill on County C I will try again later to post them.

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President and Founder of WE BIKE, etc., husband, father, son, friend, former law enforcement officer and outdoor enthusiast!

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