Made it to Little Chute/ Lock Tenders House

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Day 1 – June 22, 2015

Green Bay to Little Chute – 39 miles

Weather: Humid and 75 degrees at the start of the trip, torrential rain, thunder and lightening middle of ride and cooler and windy later in the day.  We got it all.

We started our day early with  Channel 5 TV.  Elsa Robins and cameraman Mark Finney showed up at our house at 5:30am to set up and get some live spots for the early morning news.  Thanks to channel five for their coverage.

We then head up to Bay Beach Amusement Park for our 8:30am Press Conference.  I believe all the local stations were there for the start of the trip and even took some video as we passed on the trail.  Our friend Quentin Gniot biked with us down to Wrightstown and then headed back to Green Bay. We all got pretty soaked on the way to Wrightstown, Quentin then headed back to Green Bay hopefully he found somewhere to wait out the storm.  Peter and I took shelter for a bit at a gas station in Wrightstown and then headed over to the Village Hall and ended up spending about a hour and a half at the Wrightstown Village Hall waiting our the storm. Steve Johnson the Village Administrator and Police Chief Perry Kingsbury were great hosts – thanks guys.

Along the route before the storm hit we traveled by the National Railroad Museum in Ashwaubenon, Hazelwood in Green Bay and Heritage Hill Historical State Park in Allouez.  All are very nice family oriented attractions, that provide history of the area.  We also were able to stop at several of our sponsors along the way – LinLiebmann Attorneys at Law, Forsite Benefits and Flow Yoga Studio.

After the storm passed we jumped back on the bicycle and headed to Kaukauna and the 1000 Islands Environmental Center and got a tour from John Moyles.  If you have not been to 1000 Islands, you should check it out, they have some great exhibits to view. We also checked out Hydro Park in Kaukauna- I bet you did not know that due to the extreme drop of the Fox River in Kaukauna they have five locks in their community.

Then on to Little Chute and the Heritage Parkway Trail – a great bicycling facility between the Fox River and lock system they are currently restoring.  We then got to check out the Little Chute Windmill – very cool!!  Then it was on to the Lock Tenders House our home for the night.

Plans were to head to Appleton for a tour of the Vulcan Replica but the bad weather kept us in Little Chute and a reschedule for Tuesday morning.  More about the Vulcan Replica to come!!

About 2016 WE BIKE, etc. Bicycle Adventures- Route 66

President and Founder of WE BIKE, etc., husband, father, son, friend, former law enforcement officer and outdoor enthusiast!

4 responses to “Made it to Little Chute/ Lock Tenders House”

  1. Judy Schroeder says :

    Good Luck Tracy & Peter on your trip. I enjoy hearing about your biking excursion and all the wonderful places you see on the way. Stay safe and looking forward to hear from you again.

    Judy Schroeder

  2. Alan Crossley says :

    You go Tracy and Peter!

    Karen and Alan

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