Bar Harbor Maine – We Made It!!!

Day 71 – August 10, 2014 Bath, ME to Belfast, ME – 70 miles(total miles 4300, remaining miles 62.5)

Weather 70 – 75 degrees, sunny and slight breeze – beautiful day

Bath is a really neat city located on the Kennebec River, the start of our day of course included crossing the river. The bridge was beautiful and they even had space for a bicycle on it. Our plans are to spend our next night in Belfast, ME and we had a bit of pedaling thru some hilly country to get there.

This part of Maine is fairly hilly with frequent streams and rivers to cross and small towns to tie it all together. We had lots of fun places to stop today and definitely took advantage of that but at the same time made sure we made our miles. We made it to the Atlantic coast today – in Rockport, ME which we cruised thru and totally missed town – oops. So we continued down the road to Camden which was also on the water – we stopped for a coffee and a snack and for a much needed break. As we were heading back to our bicycle a young couple came up to us and asked where we were going and where we came from – upon our discussion we discovered the young man rode across the country the summer before and was sharing some of his experiences and could definitely relate to ours. It was fun to talk with another person who had the same type of experience and some of the same problems we have encountered.

Our overnight stay tonight was with a gentleman from Belfast – Alex. He offers accommodations to bicyclists at his home. Alex is an avid cyclist and motor cyclists and feels that most campgrounds charge way to much for camping so decided several years ago to open his house to cyclists. He was a very gracious host and allowed us to set up our tent in the back yard and use his shower and home as needed. Alex has recently completed hip surgery and has to have his knee done yet. He is five weeks out from surgery and doing great. He will do the knee soon.

After sharing a bottle of wine and some snacks – Peter and I headed into town to check out Belfast. Belfast is a beautiful historic city located on Belfast Bay – the buildings located in the downtown are amazing. During dinner our waitress told us about the micro brewery located behind their restaurant on the bay and said they were only open until 10:00pm. So we finished up quickly and headed over – when we got there the hostess told us they were not letting anyone else in because they closed at 9:00pm on Sundays. We were bummed and Peter told her we had just bicycled across the country – she looked around and stepped out of the way and said go on in. So we had a nice beer and got to listen to a fun three piece group playing blue grass music and yes we got a beer glass. It was a nice way to end the day!!

Day 72 – August 11, 2014 Belfast, ME to Bar Harbor ME – 62.5 miles (total miles 4362.5, remaining miles 0)

Weather 75 – 80, sunny and slight tailwind

This morning we were excited to get going because we knew it was the last day and we would complete our journey. We got up at 5:30am so we could be on the road by 7:00am. Our host Alex got up with us and bicycled the first seven miles. It was great to have an escort thru the city and Alex got us going in the right direction. When we reached Searsport with a hug, handshake and many thanks, Alex stopped for a coffee and Peter and I continued our journey. What a pleasure to have our last day begin with a act of kindness, after an evening of the same.

The route today started with some rolling hills – fairly small and ended with some climbs near Bar Harbor. The views of the various bays were great and many. We crossed many bridges today also with most of them being in great shape and wide enough to accommodate bicyclists. Our ride was going well and we had decided to hold off for lunch until we got to Bar Harbor – so we made frequent stops for snacks and ate the Cliff Bars and Power Bars we had on board.

Once we got closer to Bar Harbor the traffic was unbelievable on Hwy 3 – it was a Monday late morning and the traffic was bumper to bumper. It was a tough and not very welcoming ride into the city. Although about 14 miles out we got off of Hwy 3 and the traffic volume dropped considerably, although the shoulder of the road was not in good shape – it was a hard ride for Peter to keep us on the road. So we are about five miles out and Peter stops and is looking at the front tire – oh no a carpet tack has become embedded





in the tire. He pulled it out and the tire starts to go flat. We rode it maybe a half mile and had to stop to fix it. We pulled over took the bags off the front, laid the bicycle down and Peter worked on fixing what we hoped was our last flat. While he was working on the flat repair Tracy was asking the neighbors for a floor pump – the one neighbor had one and gave it to Tracy to use – unfortunately it did not have the right adaptor on it so we could not use it. Oh well Peter had good luck this time with the CO2 and was able to get the tire up to the 100 plus pounds.

We got into town and put our front tire into the Atlantic Ocean. It was very funny there were many people in the area and of course the questions and comments were flying. Several people were nice enough to take pictures for us as well. So we DID IT – unbelievable. It was definitely an adventure but also tough – the last several weeks were hard both mentally and physically. But we are glad we did it but also happy to be done.

Once again THANK YOU for all your comments and support along the way we could not have done it without you all. You will never understand how much your comments and just knowing you were out there reading the blogs and following us helped so much.

We made it to Bar Harbor and have so many memories and experiences and met so many kind and caring people – unbelievable!!! What a once in a life time adventure.

About 2016 WE BIKE, etc. Bicycle Adventures- Route 66

President and Founder of WE BIKE, etc., husband, father, son, friend, former law enforcement officer and outdoor enthusiast!

19 responses to “Bar Harbor Maine – We Made It!!!”

  1. katina says :

    Congratulations! Will look forward to seeing Peter back at yoga and hearing more about the trip.

  2. Judy Schroeder says :

    CONGRATULATIONS Tracy and Peter!

  3. Mark Stephany says :

    There is a gift at the Whale for you and Tracy!! Enjoy a meal and brew on me for a great accomplishment.

  4. Mark Stephany says :

    Those Belfast guys are always in Bar Harbor for the Cadillac Challenge

  5. Ruth Flucke says :

    Hi, we’re incredibly glad you did it and incredibly glad that now you can go home and resume……………The girls are missing you too. Are you going to join us in becoming members of Warm Showers?
    Love you lots and always,
    Mom and Rod

    • WE BIKE Across America says :

      We are already members of Warm Showers and will go active as soon as we get home. We miss the girls like only their parents can! Love you too Mom. Thank you for all of your support throughout this adventure – and all of my others!!!

  6. Susan says :

    AMAZING is all I can say!

    • WE BIKE Across America says :

      Susan: We also cannot believe it is over – we are back home and trying to figure out what to do first!! Thanks for following us on the trip – it was so nice to hear from friends and family – it really helped keep us going. Hope to see you soon we bring Alex back to college in early September maybe we can get together then. Peter and Tracy

  7. Melissa Baysingar says :

    Congratulations!! It was so much fun to follow your adventure. I love the picture with the two of you holding the tandem above your head. 🙂 Thank you for the blog and congratulations again on your amazing accomplishment.

  8. Terri Konrath says :

    Congrats Tracy and Peter! Tom, Katie and I biked a few miles today – my quads could feel it and I had to go to the bathroom as soon as I got home – that was enough for me – I read your entire blog and I can not even imagine what you guys went through – Tom popped a bike tire on the way to Ala Carte at the zoo and we walked home – that was only a few blocks! We thought of you but so happy that you completed your journey and followed your dreams! Terri (Tom did get a new inner tube the next day – we did not have one on us!)

    • WE BIKE Across America says :

      Terri: Thank you for your messages throughout the trip. It was great to hear from you and know you were enjoying our trip. Our trip was definitely an adventure and challenge but one we truly enjoyed. Keep riding and I am sure your quads, butt etc. will get used to it. Hope to see you soon. Peter and Tracy

  9. Jim Witte says :

    Hi, I’m the retired guy who along with the doctor rode with you for a few miles on your way into Couer d’Alene in June. Congratulations on completing the journey and thanks for sharing your adventure on your blog. I enjoyed reading the posts.

    • WE BIKE Across America says :

      Jim: It was great to hear from you and yes we did it!! It was definitely an adventure and a challenge, but one we truly enjoyed. We hope you had time for some additional adventures throughout your summer but we are sure you did. Take care and we are glad you enjoyed the blog. Peter and Tracy

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