Climbed Last Pass and Got to Maine





Day 69, August 8, 2014 Lincoln, NH to Bridgton, ME – 62 miles (total miles 4165, remaining miles 180)

Weather 70 -75 degrees, partly sunny, slight tail wind

Today was the challenge of our last big climb of the trip. We were ready for it but still a bit nervous due to how steep the hills have been in New Hampshire and the poor conditions of the roads. Evidently during hurricane Sandy many roads were severely damaged and they are still trying to make the repairs.

We got going early because we were sure what to expect. The roads were in great shape and had a nice wide shoulder most of the way, although closer to the top there was no shoulder and lots of motor vehicle traffic. We were climbing the Kancamagus Pass (height 2,855 Ft) which is in the White Mountains Range. The road was not to steep – yea just a long steady climb for 12 miles. The White Mountain Range is beautiful and includes the Presidential Range which holds the highest peek in northeastern United States – Mount Washington which is 6,288 feet. The Presidential Range was just north of our route – thank goodness. The views from the peak were amazing and I think definitely worth the climb.

After the climb we were able to roll downhill about 20 miles to Conway- had lunch and headed towards Fryeburg, ME – yea we have finally made it to Maine. Although the ride into Maine was not the greatest – there was a ton of traffic and narrow roads. But we made it and biked an additional 20 miles into the state to end our day in Bridgton – a small quiet city located on Long Lake. We ended up staying at a small motel on the lake – the room had a nice deck on the back overlooking Long Lake. The Inn Keeper was a nice man and a former police officer – running the inn was his retirement job – he and Peter enjoyed visiting.

Day 70, August 9, 2014 Bridgton, ME to Bath, ME- 65 miles (total miles 4230, remaining miles 115)

Weather 70- 80 degrees, sunny and slight breeze – beautiful weather

Today was another hilly day – boy the east coast certainly is not flat. The small rolling hills tend to burn your legs out because it seems like you are constantly getting ready for the next climb. Our first stop was in the city of Naples for coffee and a snack – we found a great little coffee shop right on Main Street and across from Long Lake – yes this is the same Long Lake in Bridgton about 12 miles down the road. The lake certainly lives up to its name and is beautiful and well used for recreation. Naples was very busy -definite a tourist destination. We enjoyed people watching and all to soon had to move along – we even saw our first palm trees of the ride – next to the coffee shop!

The ride continued on more hilly roads to the city of Brunswick and another bicycle shop. About 5 miles out of Brunswick Peter noticed the front tire seemed to be going flat(not again). We slowly made our way into town and stopped on Main Street to put some more air in the tire to try to nurse it to the bicycle shop about 2 miles away. We were able to get there and Lee the owner checked over the tire and tube and after Peter and him looked it over they decided a new tire and inter tube were in order. So now we have one tire left and three tubes to get us to Bar Harbor. But we have a brand new tire on both the front and back and should be ok until we get to the end, let’s hope so anyway. After the fix we needed lunch – it was much later than we normally eat lunch and Peter was getting a bit feisty – so with the recommendation of Lee we headed to a local diner. After lunch we rode the reaming 15 miles to Bath for the night. The ride to Bath was really nice and easy on the Andrescoggin River Path and Old Bath Road.

About 2016 WE BIKE, etc. Bicycle Adventures- Route 66

President and Founder of WE BIKE, etc., husband, father, son, friend, former law enforcement officer and outdoor enthusiast!

One response to “Climbed Last Pass and Got to Maine”

  1. Ruth Flucke says :

    For heaven sake, that is a real Palm tree! in Maine? You are just a squeak away from your destination. Don’t forget to do some R&R, eat Lobster, etc. We’re riding with you. Love Mom and Rod

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