Good Bye to New York- Hello Vermont

Day 62 August 1, 2014 Fulton, NY to Booneville, NY – 77 miles (total miles 3806 miles remaining 539)

Weather 80- 84 degrees, sunny, light winds

Got up early to get going for a longer day on the bike. Our hotel had free breakfast with our stay and was supposed to be open for service by 6:30am – we got to the restaurant and no waitress was there, so I asked at the desk and she got the waitress. We placed our order and waited about a half hour to get our food – so much for the early start – oh well. The Rotary Club was meeting in the room next door so it was fun to listen in on their meeting and hear about the events they had planned.
Our route today took us along Lake Ontario – although it was tough to get a good view of the big lake too many houses in the way. Along the route we also started to see lots of apple trees. They looked good and I am sure will have a bumper crop soon. Towards the end of the ride we started to get into the Adirondack Mountains and had lots of up and down to our ride. I think we will have a lot more of that for a while. We traveled on Osceola Road for the end of our ride into Boonville. The road was 15 miles long of amazing ups and some downs – it was a long 15 miles. When we got into a small town about 7 miles from Boonville two local gentlemen at the convenience store were teasing us and said it is a lot more fun and easier to ride it the other way. They then told us the last 7 miles to Boonville were mostly downhill – YEA – they were right. We got into Boonville early because we had to do laundry before going out to the campground. We headed for the Laundromat and saw two bicyclist sitting outside. Of course we struck up a conversation and discovered they were from Kingston, Canada and out with a group of nine who were on a nine day unsupported bicycle trip in Upstate New York. They were waiting for the rest of the group to come in. We asked where they were staying for the night, hoping they were at our campground- they were staying at a local B & B. The owner was allowing them to camp or stay in the B & B. For $20.00 you could camp, take a shower and get breakfast the next morning. It sounded good to us and they asked us to join them – we jumped at the offer. So instead of bicycling 3 miles up hill to the campground, we only had to go a mile out of town to the B & B – nice!!

We got to the B & B got a shower and then ordered dinner with the rest of the group. We had a nice dinner, a few beers and great conversation to fill our night. Special thanks to the Kingston Velo Club and their tour director Hal Cain for adopting us for the night – we had a great time.

Day 63 August 2, 2014 Booneville, NY to Raquette Lake, NY – 52 miles (total miles 3858 remaining miles 487)

Weather cooler, 70- 75 degrees, partly cloudy, rain later in day(downpour)

We got up to a nice breakfast at the B & B and said good bye to our new friends from Canada and headed to our first town McKeever- the route was along the Mouse River. It was a beautiful ride but again lots of ups and downs. We planned to get a snack in McKeever but due to some road construction we missed town. The construction was on a major bridge which was down to one lane – it was nice after we got across they held up the traffic going our way for a while to let the other direction go – we did not have vehicles passing for a bit. Our route continued on the Fulton Chain of Lakes – the towns of Old Forge and Inlet were very busy with the early weekend traffic. Both towns were very tourist friendly and had lots of services to offer – we stopped for lunch in one and a snack in the other- as we people watched. In the town of Inlet the rain began – it was just drizzling a bit so we sat a while and then took off. About a mile down the road the rain started to come down harder and Peter thought the front tire was going flat – crap fixing a tire in the rain no fun. As we stood on the road side deciding what to do a woman who was out for a run stopped and asked if we needed help. Peter said a floor pump would be great because we have a flat. She said she lives a mile down the road and we were welcome to go there and use their floor pump to fix our tire. She gave us her address and told us her name (Elizabeth) in case anyone else was at the house and wondering what we were doing. So down the road we went and changed the tube which had a slow leak. Thanks Elizabeth your floor pump was great.

We then started up again only to have the sky open up on us. We got totally soaked and were cold- so decided to look for somewhere to stay rather than continue down the road another 30 miles to Long Lake – where we planned to stay at a campground. We got to Raquette Lake and went into town, they were having their annual celebration and there was nowhere to stay. They told us there may be some cabins available on the other side of the lake. So we hoped back on the bicycle and continued down the road – we stopped at the first campground and they were full but she was nice enough to call the next campground and they had a cabin for us and would hold it until we got there. So we continued down the road to Burke’s Marine and Cabins – Nora the owner was waiting for us and sent us right to the cabin to get warmed up and come back and see her when we were ready. The cabin was a little two bedroom with a small living and very small bathroom. A warm shower and a small heater soon had us warm and clean. The cabin was located on Raquette Lake and had a beautiful view of the lake. It even was the starting point for the Annual Celebration Boat Parade – although we were not able to see it I think we missed it when we were eating dinner. They also had fireworks in town that evening – although we heard them we could not see them from where we were.

Day 64 – August 3, 2014 Raquette Lake, NY to Newcomb, NY (Emmett’s Cabin on the Goodnow Flowage) – 43 miles (total miles 3901, remaining miles 444)

Weather, sunny, 70-75 degrees, slight tailwind

It was a great day for a ride, the weather was beautiful – YEA!! We got up and going early even though we had a short ride today. The rain had stopped but the roads were pretty wet and all too soon the bicycle and us were once again wet and dirty. But at least it was not coming from above!!

We are now very much into the Adirondack Mountains and the first town we came to was Blue Mountain Lake- beautiful town sitting on Blue Mountain Lake with Blue Mountain across the lake. We had a tough climb out of town – it was very steep for close to a mile. It was unbelievable steep, especially when we came around the last bend in the road and it steepened up for the last section. We made it up but were definitely out of breath at the top. From there it was a nice downhill to the Town of Long Lake.

We needed to grocery shop in Long Lake for food to cover our two days at Emmett’s Cabin. His cabin was at the end of a seven mile ride (with the last mile being gravel and dirt) and we did not want to have to bicycle back out to get supplies. While grocery shopping a local float plane pilot came up to us to talk about our trip and ask how it was going. He even offered to take us up for a flight in his float plan the next day. He gave us his card and said if we came back to town the next day to give him a call and he would be happy to take us up. It would have been cool to go up in a float plane but we did not have the desire to bicycle the 17 miles back to Long Lake, it was sure nice of him to offer though.

After shopping and lunch we hopped back on the bicycle. The ride was uneventful until we got to the turnoff to Emmett’s Cabin- first of all the street signs had been taken so we were not sure if we were on the right road – we asked a motorist and he said we were. We then headed to our next turn and the sign again was gone – thank goodness the neighbor came out of his home and assured us it was Goodnow Road. We bicycled down a very hilly road until we hit the dirt/gravel section. We tried to ride a bit of this section but quickly found out it was not possible so we pushed the bicycle the last .75 mile to the cabin.

The cabin is very nice and in the process of being rebuilt, although it had everything we needed and had an amazing view of the Goodnow Flowage. It was very quiet at the cabin I think because it was Monday and Tuesday – we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Thanks to Emmett for allowing us to stay greatly appreciated.

Day 65 – August 4, 2014 Newcomb, NY to Newcomb, NY – 0 miles (total miles 3901, remaining miles 444)

Today was a day off the bicycle for us and we spent it hanging out at the cabin. We just relaxed and got reorganized for the last part of our ride. We now have about a week of bicycling to get to Bar Harbor, Maine. It is hard to believe we are so close. We are excited to complete our journey but at the same time sad it has come to an end. We are planning to shorten our days slightly to get into Bar Harbor on a Monday.

We have a couple of mountain passes to go over yet – Bread Loaf pass (2,000 feet) and Kancamagus pass (2,855 feet). These are not nearly as high as the Cascades but it has been a while for us climbing mountains and are legs are a bit out of shape – so it could be a challenge.

Day 66 – August 5, 2014 Newcomb, NY to Middlebury, VT – 74 miles (total miles 3975 – remaining miles – 370)

Weather 75 -80 degrees, partly sunny, rain late in day

Today we got going from the cabin fairly early – we had to push the bicycle the first half mile due to the gravel road and then biked the next 7 miles back on route. We stopped in Newcomb down the road 3 miles for a donut and coffee/tea. When we approached the café we saw two touring bicycles leaning against the building. As we entered to say hello to them – one of the gentleman said hello Tracy and Peter – we just laughed and said how do you know us – the Northern Tier Communication Line? John said he had been riding with Karen and Alan the couple from Madison, WI that we traveled with in North Dakota. John, Karen and Alan had traveled together for quite a while and they told him about us. Too funny.

After homemade donuts we hopped on the bicycle again and traveled the Blue Ridge Road- it was a great road that had lots of ups and downs and great views. We left the state of New York after lunch in Ticonderoga. We bicycled to Lake Champlain to take the ferry across to Vermont – hello to another state. As we were waiting for the ferry to come Peter and I struck up a conversation with a gentleman from Middlebury, VT. That was where we were planning to spend the night. His name was Doug Anderson and he was the director of the local Performing Arts Center and gave us some good ideas on what to do in Middlebury. Once the ferry started we went to pay our fare – $2.00 for the bicycle and the employee said it had already been paid – Doug covered it for us. Again a nice thing someone did for us.

Once into Vermont we had another 20 miles to go, the route was beautiful and thru the mountains – again lots of ups and downs. Once again we needed a bicycle shop for our rear derailleur because the cable was fraying and we were afraid it might break. We had the work done at the Bicycle Shop in Middlebury – it is all fixed now and our repair allowed us to be inside when it started to pour. Then on to the hotel for the night.

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4 responses to “Good Bye to New York- Hello Vermont”

  1. Mark Stephany says :

    Peter Tracy you do a great job with your blog! Do you record all your stops or just remember all of it?
    Once in Bar Barbor stop at the Thirsty Whale for lunch, good food ( lobster roll ) and nice selection of beer. I’ll have a gift card waiting for you.
    My brother and I have eaten there after doing the Cadillac Challenge on Mt Desert Island and the food is good.
    Enjoy the last few days!

    • WE BIKE Across America says :

      Mark, you are too kind! We will hoist a few in your honor when we reach the Thirsty Whale.

      No, we don’t record our stops, other than the videos and pictures we take and our memories.

      Thanks again for all of your support.

      Peter & Tracy

  2. Mom says :

    COOL you made it ! Mom

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