New York Continues to Bring Us Rain

Day 60 – July 30, 2014 Medina, NY to Pittsford, NY – 55 miles (total miles 3646)

Weather – cool low 60, cloudy and rainy

Our day began with a great breakfast at the B & B. We ate with one other guest a Doctor Z from Long Island NY. He was in town working at a local hospital as a fill in. He used to work fulltime at a hospital in Long Island but was forced into retirement a couple of years ago and decided he still wanted to work. He started working for a company that places doctors in temporary position to help out hospitals and clinics. He has mainly served as an ER doc in hospitals and clinics in New York. He said he likes it and it allows him to see other parts of New York.

We left Medina about 9:00am and planned to bicycle to a campground just east of Pittsfield. All of our day was spent on the Erie Canal Trail- unfortunately it was wet and therefore soft to ride on. The trail is predominately crushed granite. This type of trail is not the best for us to bicycle on with the size of the tires on the bike and all the weight – it felt like we were pulling a sack of bricks behind us. Also when the trail was really wet in spots we have to get off the bike and push it thru the low spot – if we try to bicycle thru it the back end tends to slide out.

We have been having some problems with shifting on the bike which was not too bad when on the trail because it is flat and there is not a lot of shifting to be done but we will soon be back on the roads and hills will be back. We will need to have the gears shifting properly. So we stopped in Brockport at the bicycle shop and had them look at the bike – we had a frayed derailleur cable – luckily we carry an extra one because the shop did not have a long enough one. We also had him put a new tire on the back. He did a great job and after lunch we headed out. Unfortunately 15 miles down the road it started to pour – we got soaked. Then the front tire flatted. We did not want to fix the tire in the rain so we pushed the bicycle to the next bicycle shop in Pittsford – only a half mile down the trail. They fixed the tire and gave us directions to a hotel down the road – camping was out due to the rain and us being soaked and really dirty.

The Erie Canal trail really is pretty cool although it does get boring because it all looks the same – a path next to the Canal. We were also surprised there was not a lot of traffic on the canal and we did not see much wildlife either. The towns and the historical aspects of the Canal are interesting and definitely add to the trail. We did see some tour boats that people could take to travel down the canal and bicycle back as far along the canal as they want to. They seemed to be having fun on the boats.

Day 61- July 31, 2014 Pittsford, NY to Fulton, NY- 83 miles (total miles 3729 – miles to Bar Harbor, Maine – 616)

Weather Cool – 60- 70 degrees, headwind and rain

We left a little later to let the trail set up a bit before we had to ride on it. Today thank goodness we only had 15 miles of the Erie Canal Trail to ride on. Again the trail was wet and the same issues as yesterday came into play – wet, sinking in and slipping. Oh well we made the best of it and were off the trail before we knew it. It is nice to be on the roads again. The flat roads are gone and we spent the afternoon climbing up and down hills. Again this afternoon we got soaked and spent about an hour in a rain storm. Once again we stayed at a hotel instead of camping because we were soaked.

The route today took us along Lake Ontario – this is our third great Lake and it is as beautiful as the other two. Plans are to camp tomorrow night hopefully the weather will be better and we will have a chance to stay at a nice campground.

We wanted to let everyone know how nice it is to hear from you all and we are glad you are enjoying the blog. Beginning late this week and early next week we will be in an area that will not have cell phone and internet connection so if you do not see a blog for a while do not worry we are just have no service.

Also we will begin a count down in miles with this blog – we are now 616 miles to our end point – unbelievable – it has gone fast!!

About 2016 WE BIKE, etc. Bicycle Adventures- Route 66

President and Founder of WE BIKE, etc., husband, father, son, friend, former law enforcement officer and outdoor enthusiast!

6 responses to “New York Continues to Bring Us Rain”

  1. Mark Stephany says :

    Only 6 days away? Hope weather improves soon. Yes great blogs Peter & Tracy

  2. Judy Schroeder says :

    Yes I loved reading your blogs. What an accomplishment!!
    Safe travels as you continue on your journey. Judy

  3. Mark McNeill says :

    Way to go, Peter and Tracy. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. You’ll enjoy New England.

    Mark McNeill

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