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Back to Green Bay, WI (home)

Day – 73 thru Day 75 August 12 – 14 – Bar Harbor ME – 0 miles (total miles 4362.5, miles to go 0)

We thoroughly enjoyed our three days in Bar Harbor, it is a really neat city. We also went to Acadia National Park and spent an afternoon exploring this beautiful park. We picked up our rental car on August 12th and then went to Acadia to drive the Park Loop – very nice although we would love to check out more of the park off the beat and path a bit. There were many people in the park and traffic was quite heavy. We saw many bicyclists biking up Cadillac Mountain and were glad we had climbed our last mountain a few days before.

Of course we had to have a traditional Lobster dinner and drove over to Trenton, ME as recommended by the gentleman from our rental car company. We had lobster dinner with the required bib!!. (yes you do need the bib) It was delicious and we enjoyed the challenge of getting at the lobster. It was definitely worth the work.

While in Bar Harbor we also got a massage, haircut for Peter, pedicure and manicure for Tracy, naps and shopping and eating out. It was a fun way to end the trip.

Days 75 – 77 August 14 – 16, 2014 Bar Harbor ME to Green Bay, WI (by car)

It took us three days to travel by car what it took us about a month to bicycle across. It was cool driving back and seeing names of communities we traveled thru or seeing roads we traveled on.

All to soon we needed to start our trip home – August 14th we left Bar Harbor in our rental car. It was very strange to be in a car again. We drove as far as Syracuse, New York – spent the night and got up early the next day to continue our trip. We made it to Milwaukee, WI the next night and spent it at Tracy’s mom and dad’s house. Mom made soup which was delicious – it was nice to have some homemade food.

The trip to Green Bay was uneventful and two hours later we were home to an empty home – we forgot to let our youngest daughter know we were almost home. She was out and about and saw us driving over to the airport to return our car – she was like thanks for letting me know you were home and met us at home with big hugs!!!

It is really nice to be home but at the same time strange – I am sure it will take us a bit of time to settle back in. But we will have some great memories to keep us going and lots of new friends to keep in touch with.

We will be creating a presentation about our adventure over the next few months. If you know of a group that would be interested in or benefit from our story please let us know.

Thanks for following us – we are not sure what our next adventure will be – but are sure we will take on another challenge. We will keep you posted.

Bar Harbor Maine – We Made It!!!

Day 71 – August 10, 2014 Bath, ME to Belfast, ME – 70 miles(total miles 4300, remaining miles 62.5)

Weather 70 – 75 degrees, sunny and slight breeze – beautiful day

Bath is a really neat city located on the Kennebec River, the start of our day of course included crossing the river. The bridge was beautiful and they even had space for a bicycle on it. Our plans are to spend our next night in Belfast, ME and we had a bit of pedaling thru some hilly country to get there.

This part of Maine is fairly hilly with frequent streams and rivers to cross and small towns to tie it all together. We had lots of fun places to stop today and definitely took advantage of that but at the same time made sure we made our miles. We made it to the Atlantic coast today – in Rockport, ME which we cruised thru and totally missed town – oops. So we continued down the road to Camden which was also on the water – we stopped for a coffee and a snack and for a much needed break. As we were heading back to our bicycle a young couple came up to us and asked where we were going and where we came from – upon our discussion we discovered the young man rode across the country the summer before and was sharing some of his experiences and could definitely relate to ours. It was fun to talk with another person who had the same type of experience and some of the same problems we have encountered.

Our overnight stay tonight was with a gentleman from Belfast – Alex. He offers accommodations to bicyclists at his home. Alex is an avid cyclist and motor cyclists and feels that most campgrounds charge way to much for camping so decided several years ago to open his house to cyclists. He was a very gracious host and allowed us to set up our tent in the back yard and use his shower and home as needed. Alex has recently completed hip surgery and has to have his knee done yet. He is five weeks out from surgery and doing great. He will do the knee soon.

After sharing a bottle of wine and some snacks – Peter and I headed into town to check out Belfast. Belfast is a beautiful historic city located on Belfast Bay – the buildings located in the downtown are amazing. During dinner our waitress told us about the micro brewery located behind their restaurant on the bay and said they were only open until 10:00pm. So we finished up quickly and headed over – when we got there the hostess told us they were not letting anyone else in because they closed at 9:00pm on Sundays. We were bummed and Peter told her we had just bicycled across the country – she looked around and stepped out of the way and said go on in. So we had a nice beer and got to listen to a fun three piece group playing blue grass music and yes we got a beer glass. It was a nice way to end the day!!

Day 72 – August 11, 2014 Belfast, ME to Bar Harbor ME – 62.5 miles (total miles 4362.5, remaining miles 0)

Weather 75 – 80, sunny and slight tailwind

This morning we were excited to get going because we knew it was the last day and we would complete our journey. We got up at 5:30am so we could be on the road by 7:00am. Our host Alex got up with us and bicycled the first seven miles. It was great to have an escort thru the city and Alex got us going in the right direction. When we reached Searsport with a hug, handshake and many thanks, Alex stopped for a coffee and Peter and I continued our journey. What a pleasure to have our last day begin with a act of kindness, after an evening of the same.

The route today started with some rolling hills – fairly small and ended with some climbs near Bar Harbor. The views of the various bays were great and many. We crossed many bridges today also with most of them being in great shape and wide enough to accommodate bicyclists. Our ride was going well and we had decided to hold off for lunch until we got to Bar Harbor – so we made frequent stops for snacks and ate the Cliff Bars and Power Bars we had on board.

Once we got closer to Bar Harbor the traffic was unbelievable on Hwy 3 – it was a Monday late morning and the traffic was bumper to bumper. It was a tough and not very welcoming ride into the city. Although about 14 miles out we got off of Hwy 3 and the traffic volume dropped considerably, although the shoulder of the road was not in good shape – it was a hard ride for Peter to keep us on the road. So we are about five miles out and Peter stops and is looking at the front tire – oh no a carpet tack has become embedded





in the tire. He pulled it out and the tire starts to go flat. We rode it maybe a half mile and had to stop to fix it. We pulled over took the bags off the front, laid the bicycle down and Peter worked on fixing what we hoped was our last flat. While he was working on the flat repair Tracy was asking the neighbors for a floor pump – the one neighbor had one and gave it to Tracy to use – unfortunately it did not have the right adaptor on it so we could not use it. Oh well Peter had good luck this time with the CO2 and was able to get the tire up to the 100 plus pounds.

We got into town and put our front tire into the Atlantic Ocean. It was very funny there were many people in the area and of course the questions and comments were flying. Several people were nice enough to take pictures for us as well. So we DID IT – unbelievable. It was definitely an adventure but also tough – the last several weeks were hard both mentally and physically. But we are glad we did it but also happy to be done.

Once again THANK YOU for all your comments and support along the way we could not have done it without you all. You will never understand how much your comments and just knowing you were out there reading the blogs and following us helped so much.

We made it to Bar Harbor and have so many memories and experiences and met so many kind and caring people – unbelievable!!! What a once in a life time adventure.

Climbed Last Pass and Got to Maine





Day 69, August 8, 2014 Lincoln, NH to Bridgton, ME – 62 miles (total miles 4165, remaining miles 180)

Weather 70 -75 degrees, partly sunny, slight tail wind

Today was the challenge of our last big climb of the trip. We were ready for it but still a bit nervous due to how steep the hills have been in New Hampshire and the poor conditions of the roads. Evidently during hurricane Sandy many roads were severely damaged and they are still trying to make the repairs.

We got going early because we were sure what to expect. The roads were in great shape and had a nice wide shoulder most of the way, although closer to the top there was no shoulder and lots of motor vehicle traffic. We were climbing the Kancamagus Pass (height 2,855 Ft) which is in the White Mountains Range. The road was not to steep – yea just a long steady climb for 12 miles. The White Mountain Range is beautiful and includes the Presidential Range which holds the highest peek in northeastern United States – Mount Washington which is 6,288 feet. The Presidential Range was just north of our route – thank goodness. The views from the peak were amazing and I think definitely worth the climb.

After the climb we were able to roll downhill about 20 miles to Conway- had lunch and headed towards Fryeburg, ME – yea we have finally made it to Maine. Although the ride into Maine was not the greatest – there was a ton of traffic and narrow roads. But we made it and biked an additional 20 miles into the state to end our day in Bridgton – a small quiet city located on Long Lake. We ended up staying at a small motel on the lake – the room had a nice deck on the back overlooking Long Lake. The Inn Keeper was a nice man and a former police officer – running the inn was his retirement job – he and Peter enjoyed visiting.

Day 70, August 9, 2014 Bridgton, ME to Bath, ME- 65 miles (total miles 4230, remaining miles 115)

Weather 70- 80 degrees, sunny and slight breeze – beautiful weather

Today was another hilly day – boy the east coast certainly is not flat. The small rolling hills tend to burn your legs out because it seems like you are constantly getting ready for the next climb. Our first stop was in the city of Naples for coffee and a snack – we found a great little coffee shop right on Main Street and across from Long Lake – yes this is the same Long Lake in Bridgton about 12 miles down the road. The lake certainly lives up to its name and is beautiful and well used for recreation. Naples was very busy -definite a tourist destination. We enjoyed people watching and all to soon had to move along – we even saw our first palm trees of the ride – next to the coffee shop!

The ride continued on more hilly roads to the city of Brunswick and another bicycle shop. About 5 miles out of Brunswick Peter noticed the front tire seemed to be going flat(not again). We slowly made our way into town and stopped on Main Street to put some more air in the tire to try to nurse it to the bicycle shop about 2 miles away. We were able to get there and Lee the owner checked over the tire and tube and after Peter and him looked it over they decided a new tire and inter tube were in order. So now we have one tire left and three tubes to get us to Bar Harbor. But we have a brand new tire on both the front and back and should be ok until we get to the end, let’s hope so anyway. After the fix we needed lunch – it was much later than we normally eat lunch and Peter was getting a bit feisty – so with the recommendation of Lee we headed to a local diner. After lunch we rode the reaming 15 miles to Bath for the night. The ride to Bath was really nice and easy on the Andrescoggin River Path and Old Bath Road.

Made it to New Hampshire, One More State to Go

Day 67 August 6,2014 Middlebury, VT to South Strafford, VT – 67 miles (total miles 4042, miles remaining 303)

Middlebury is very nice city, they have a great downtown area and very effective mass transit – from where we were staying there was a free bus to downtown. The downtown area had lots to offer and was a very busy place. We were planning to get cleaned up and take the shuttle to the local micro brewery – downtown. But unfortunately the brewery closed early and we were not able to get there – oh well maybe next time.

We hit the road early because we had a major climbs near Bread Loaf, VT – Middlebury Gap. The climbs were definitely tough and extremely steep – several sections were 12% slopes we were climbing. Although I am proud to say we did not have to push the bicycle up any of them, we were close a couple of times but were able to suck it up and get over the top!! The east coast mountains while lower than the west coast mountains are definitely steeper – I think I like the west coast climbs better. We got to the top of one of the climbs and there were a bunch of cars there and a gentleman was getting out of his car and turned to us and congratulated us on getting to the top and told us we did good!!

After a long steady climb we were ready for the downhill but the road was so steep and the pavement in such bad condition Peter had to have the drag brake engaged totally and the rim brakes on to just to make sure we safely got down the hill.

We ran in to the big group of cyclists – 12 that left Anacortes, WA the same day we left Bellingham, WA. We had been running in to them every now and then but the last time we saw them was in North Dakota. They have been having a good ride but are also ready to be done. They are actually on a supported trip – with a guide who is hauling their supplies in a van and setting how far they go each day and where they will stay each night. They camp just about every night I think.

In this area it is pretty unpopulated and there are not a lot of places to stay – so we checked on a Warm Showers stay again and were able to find one in South Strafford. Our host was Bonna and she owned a beautiful piece of property about five miles off route in South Strafford. Bonna is a kayak tour leader and her home is totally off the grid, she uses solar and wood to heat and provide electricity for her home – very cool. She also had a yurt on her property and told us we could choose to stay in the yurt or in the bedroom in her house – we choose the yurt. For those not familiar with a yurt I will attach pictures – but is it a heavy duty tent strung on a very strong frame circular in shape. The yurt was cool and had a loft with a queen size bed in it, it also was nice because we could hear the rushing stream which ran thru Bonna’s property. After a nice dinner and lively conversation we settled down for a good nights sleep.

Day 68 August 7, 2014 South Strafford VT to Lincoln, NH – 61 miles (total miles 4103, miles remaining 242)

Today was another day of climbing, there was a combination of shorter climbs in the Thetford Center, Thetford Hill and East Thetford area. We then entered New Hampshire and had a great most downhill ride on River Road which was adjacent to the Connecticut River. The views were great and the homes along this stretch were breathtaking. We stopped in Orford for lunch and to wait out the storm that was coming through the area – we actually got caught in it just outside of Oxford and it was actually hailing – this was our first hail storm another good reason to wear a bicycle helmet!!!

After a long lunch the storm moved away from the next mountain range we were going to cross so we got on the bicycle and set off. The fifteen mile climb was not as bad as the day before – the roads were not nearly as steep and the sun was out. We got into to the town of Lincoln, NH at about 4:30pm and were bicycling thru town looking for somewhere to stay – we had just stopped at a hotel when the sky opened up. We ended up sitting in the hotel lobby for an hour before we could bicycle to the hotel which had rooms(the first one was full).

Peter found a brewery in North Woodstock which was the adjacent town – so we got cleaned up and walked the mile to the Woodstock Inn and Brewery. The place was packed so we decided to have a beer and our dinner at the bar. We ended up sitting next to a nice young couple from New Hampshire and had a nice conversation with them. We also meet a woman and her daughter -in- law to be who were in town to check out the facility where her wedding was to be in November.We also enjoyed talking with them. We bid them all farewell and headed back to the hotel to do our laundry and get ready for tomorrow’s ride. It will be our last big climb – Kancamagus Pass at 2,855 feet. Talking with the locals it sounds like it is not as steep as the other ones we have done recently crossed – let’s hope so – More to come tomorrow!!!

Sorry I am not able to upload any of the pictures today slow connection – I will try again tomorrow.

Good Bye to New York- Hello Vermont

Day 62 August 1, 2014 Fulton, NY to Booneville, NY – 77 miles (total miles 3806 miles remaining 539)

Weather 80- 84 degrees, sunny, light winds

Got up early to get going for a longer day on the bike. Our hotel had free breakfast with our stay and was supposed to be open for service by 6:30am – we got to the restaurant and no waitress was there, so I asked at the desk and she got the waitress. We placed our order and waited about a half hour to get our food – so much for the early start – oh well. The Rotary Club was meeting in the room next door so it was fun to listen in on their meeting and hear about the events they had planned.
Our route today took us along Lake Ontario – although it was tough to get a good view of the big lake too many houses in the way. Along the route we also started to see lots of apple trees. They looked good and I am sure will have a bumper crop soon. Towards the end of the ride we started to get into the Adirondack Mountains and had lots of up and down to our ride. I think we will have a lot more of that for a while. We traveled on Osceola Road for the end of our ride into Boonville. The road was 15 miles long of amazing ups and some downs – it was a long 15 miles. When we got into a small town about 7 miles from Boonville two local gentlemen at the convenience store were teasing us and said it is a lot more fun and easier to ride it the other way. They then told us the last 7 miles to Boonville were mostly downhill – YEA – they were right. We got into Boonville early because we had to do laundry before going out to the campground. We headed for the Laundromat and saw two bicyclist sitting outside. Of course we struck up a conversation and discovered they were from Kingston, Canada and out with a group of nine who were on a nine day unsupported bicycle trip in Upstate New York. They were waiting for the rest of the group to come in. We asked where they were staying for the night, hoping they were at our campground- they were staying at a local B & B. The owner was allowing them to camp or stay in the B & B. For $20.00 you could camp, take a shower and get breakfast the next morning. It sounded good to us and they asked us to join them – we jumped at the offer. So instead of bicycling 3 miles up hill to the campground, we only had to go a mile out of town to the B & B – nice!!

We got to the B & B got a shower and then ordered dinner with the rest of the group. We had a nice dinner, a few beers and great conversation to fill our night. Special thanks to the Kingston Velo Club and their tour director Hal Cain for adopting us for the night – we had a great time.

Day 63 August 2, 2014 Booneville, NY to Raquette Lake, NY – 52 miles (total miles 3858 remaining miles 487)

Weather cooler, 70- 75 degrees, partly cloudy, rain later in day(downpour)

We got up to a nice breakfast at the B & B and said good bye to our new friends from Canada and headed to our first town McKeever- the route was along the Mouse River. It was a beautiful ride but again lots of ups and downs. We planned to get a snack in McKeever but due to some road construction we missed town. The construction was on a major bridge which was down to one lane – it was nice after we got across they held up the traffic going our way for a while to let the other direction go – we did not have vehicles passing for a bit. Our route continued on the Fulton Chain of Lakes – the towns of Old Forge and Inlet were very busy with the early weekend traffic. Both towns were very tourist friendly and had lots of services to offer – we stopped for lunch in one and a snack in the other- as we people watched. In the town of Inlet the rain began – it was just drizzling a bit so we sat a while and then took off. About a mile down the road the rain started to come down harder and Peter thought the front tire was going flat – crap fixing a tire in the rain no fun. As we stood on the road side deciding what to do a woman who was out for a run stopped and asked if we needed help. Peter said a floor pump would be great because we have a flat. She said she lives a mile down the road and we were welcome to go there and use their floor pump to fix our tire. She gave us her address and told us her name (Elizabeth) in case anyone else was at the house and wondering what we were doing. So down the road we went and changed the tube which had a slow leak. Thanks Elizabeth your floor pump was great.

We then started up again only to have the sky open up on us. We got totally soaked and were cold- so decided to look for somewhere to stay rather than continue down the road another 30 miles to Long Lake – where we planned to stay at a campground. We got to Raquette Lake and went into town, they were having their annual celebration and there was nowhere to stay. They told us there may be some cabins available on the other side of the lake. So we hoped back on the bicycle and continued down the road – we stopped at the first campground and they were full but she was nice enough to call the next campground and they had a cabin for us and would hold it until we got there. So we continued down the road to Burke’s Marine and Cabins – Nora the owner was waiting for us and sent us right to the cabin to get warmed up and come back and see her when we were ready. The cabin was a little two bedroom with a small living and very small bathroom. A warm shower and a small heater soon had us warm and clean. The cabin was located on Raquette Lake and had a beautiful view of the lake. It even was the starting point for the Annual Celebration Boat Parade – although we were not able to see it I think we missed it when we were eating dinner. They also had fireworks in town that evening – although we heard them we could not see them from where we were.

Day 64 – August 3, 2014 Raquette Lake, NY to Newcomb, NY (Emmett’s Cabin on the Goodnow Flowage) – 43 miles (total miles 3901, remaining miles 444)

Weather, sunny, 70-75 degrees, slight tailwind

It was a great day for a ride, the weather was beautiful – YEA!! We got up and going early even though we had a short ride today. The rain had stopped but the roads were pretty wet and all too soon the bicycle and us were once again wet and dirty. But at least it was not coming from above!!

We are now very much into the Adirondack Mountains and the first town we came to was Blue Mountain Lake- beautiful town sitting on Blue Mountain Lake with Blue Mountain across the lake. We had a tough climb out of town – it was very steep for close to a mile. It was unbelievable steep, especially when we came around the last bend in the road and it steepened up for the last section. We made it up but were definitely out of breath at the top. From there it was a nice downhill to the Town of Long Lake.

We needed to grocery shop in Long Lake for food to cover our two days at Emmett’s Cabin. His cabin was at the end of a seven mile ride (with the last mile being gravel and dirt) and we did not want to have to bicycle back out to get supplies. While grocery shopping a local float plane pilot came up to us to talk about our trip and ask how it was going. He even offered to take us up for a flight in his float plan the next day. He gave us his card and said if we came back to town the next day to give him a call and he would be happy to take us up. It would have been cool to go up in a float plane but we did not have the desire to bicycle the 17 miles back to Long Lake, it was sure nice of him to offer though.

After shopping and lunch we hopped back on the bicycle. The ride was uneventful until we got to the turnoff to Emmett’s Cabin- first of all the street signs had been taken so we were not sure if we were on the right road – we asked a motorist and he said we were. We then headed to our next turn and the sign again was gone – thank goodness the neighbor came out of his home and assured us it was Goodnow Road. We bicycled down a very hilly road until we hit the dirt/gravel section. We tried to ride a bit of this section but quickly found out it was not possible so we pushed the bicycle the last .75 mile to the cabin.

The cabin is very nice and in the process of being rebuilt, although it had everything we needed and had an amazing view of the Goodnow Flowage. It was very quiet at the cabin I think because it was Monday and Tuesday – we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Thanks to Emmett for allowing us to stay greatly appreciated.

Day 65 – August 4, 2014 Newcomb, NY to Newcomb, NY – 0 miles (total miles 3901, remaining miles 444)

Today was a day off the bicycle for us and we spent it hanging out at the cabin. We just relaxed and got reorganized for the last part of our ride. We now have about a week of bicycling to get to Bar Harbor, Maine. It is hard to believe we are so close. We are excited to complete our journey but at the same time sad it has come to an end. We are planning to shorten our days slightly to get into Bar Harbor on a Monday.

We have a couple of mountain passes to go over yet – Bread Loaf pass (2,000 feet) and Kancamagus pass (2,855 feet). These are not nearly as high as the Cascades but it has been a while for us climbing mountains and are legs are a bit out of shape – so it could be a challenge.

Day 66 – August 5, 2014 Newcomb, NY to Middlebury, VT – 74 miles (total miles 3975 – remaining miles – 370)

Weather 75 -80 degrees, partly sunny, rain late in day

Today we got going from the cabin fairly early – we had to push the bicycle the first half mile due to the gravel road and then biked the next 7 miles back on route. We stopped in Newcomb down the road 3 miles for a donut and coffee/tea. When we approached the café we saw two touring bicycles leaning against the building. As we entered to say hello to them – one of the gentleman said hello Tracy and Peter – we just laughed and said how do you know us – the Northern Tier Communication Line? John said he had been riding with Karen and Alan the couple from Madison, WI that we traveled with in North Dakota. John, Karen and Alan had traveled together for quite a while and they told him about us. Too funny.

After homemade donuts we hopped on the bicycle again and traveled the Blue Ridge Road- it was a great road that had lots of ups and downs and great views. We left the state of New York after lunch in Ticonderoga. We bicycled to Lake Champlain to take the ferry across to Vermont – hello to another state. As we were waiting for the ferry to come Peter and I struck up a conversation with a gentleman from Middlebury, VT. That was where we were planning to spend the night. His name was Doug Anderson and he was the director of the local Performing Arts Center and gave us some good ideas on what to do in Middlebury. Once the ferry started we went to pay our fare – $2.00 for the bicycle and the employee said it had already been paid – Doug covered it for us. Again a nice thing someone did for us.

Once into Vermont we had another 20 miles to go, the route was beautiful and thru the mountains – again lots of ups and downs. Once again we needed a bicycle shop for our rear derailleur because the cable was fraying and we were afraid it might break. We had the work done at the Bicycle Shop in Middlebury – it is all fixed now and our repair allowed us to be inside when it started to pour. Then on to the hotel for the night.

New York Continues to Bring Us Rain

Day 60 – July 30, 2014 Medina, NY to Pittsford, NY – 55 miles (total miles 3646)

Weather – cool low 60, cloudy and rainy

Our day began with a great breakfast at the B & B. We ate with one other guest a Doctor Z from Long Island NY. He was in town working at a local hospital as a fill in. He used to work fulltime at a hospital in Long Island but was forced into retirement a couple of years ago and decided he still wanted to work. He started working for a company that places doctors in temporary position to help out hospitals and clinics. He has mainly served as an ER doc in hospitals and clinics in New York. He said he likes it and it allows him to see other parts of New York.

We left Medina about 9:00am and planned to bicycle to a campground just east of Pittsfield. All of our day was spent on the Erie Canal Trail- unfortunately it was wet and therefore soft to ride on. The trail is predominately crushed granite. This type of trail is not the best for us to bicycle on with the size of the tires on the bike and all the weight – it felt like we were pulling a sack of bricks behind us. Also when the trail was really wet in spots we have to get off the bike and push it thru the low spot – if we try to bicycle thru it the back end tends to slide out.

We have been having some problems with shifting on the bike which was not too bad when on the trail because it is flat and there is not a lot of shifting to be done but we will soon be back on the roads and hills will be back. We will need to have the gears shifting properly. So we stopped in Brockport at the bicycle shop and had them look at the bike – we had a frayed derailleur cable – luckily we carry an extra one because the shop did not have a long enough one. We also had him put a new tire on the back. He did a great job and after lunch we headed out. Unfortunately 15 miles down the road it started to pour – we got soaked. Then the front tire flatted. We did not want to fix the tire in the rain so we pushed the bicycle to the next bicycle shop in Pittsford – only a half mile down the trail. They fixed the tire and gave us directions to a hotel down the road – camping was out due to the rain and us being soaked and really dirty.

The Erie Canal trail really is pretty cool although it does get boring because it all looks the same – a path next to the Canal. We were also surprised there was not a lot of traffic on the canal and we did not see much wildlife either. The towns and the historical aspects of the Canal are interesting and definitely add to the trail. We did see some tour boats that people could take to travel down the canal and bicycle back as far along the canal as they want to. They seemed to be having fun on the boats.

Day 61- July 31, 2014 Pittsford, NY to Fulton, NY- 83 miles (total miles 3729 – miles to Bar Harbor, Maine – 616)

Weather Cool – 60- 70 degrees, headwind and rain

We left a little later to let the trail set up a bit before we had to ride on it. Today thank goodness we only had 15 miles of the Erie Canal Trail to ride on. Again the trail was wet and the same issues as yesterday came into play – wet, sinking in and slipping. Oh well we made the best of it and were off the trail before we knew it. It is nice to be on the roads again. The flat roads are gone and we spent the afternoon climbing up and down hills. Again this afternoon we got soaked and spent about an hour in a rain storm. Once again we stayed at a hotel instead of camping because we were soaked.

The route today took us along Lake Ontario – this is our third great Lake and it is as beautiful as the other two. Plans are to camp tomorrow night hopefully the weather will be better and we will have a chance to stay at a nice campground.

We wanted to let everyone know how nice it is to hear from you all and we are glad you are enjoying the blog. Beginning late this week and early next week we will be in an area that will not have cell phone and internet connection so if you do not see a blog for a while do not worry we are just have no service.

Also we will begin a count down in miles with this blog – we are now 616 miles to our end point – unbelievable – it has gone fast!!