Cleveland, Ohio Here We Come

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Day 51 July 21, 2014 Bowling Green to Bowling Green – 0 miles (total miles 3140)

Warm day 80 plus degrees sunny

Today was a day off the bike and we just hung out and explored Bowling Green. We had a nice day off and actually got a nap in yea!!

Day 52 July 22, 2014 Bowling Green to Vermilion – 84 miles (total miles 3224)

Weather Hot 94 degrees, sunny and slight tail wind

We got up and going fairly early because we knew it was going to be a hot day and we had quite a few miles to travel. Getting out of Bowling Green was uneventful and we were only a few miles off route. Bowling Green was a nice city and we took the time to check out campus right across the street from the hotel we were at – very pretty campus. Today’s route took us along many country roads, very quiet and with few vehicles, although it was nice the cities along the route were well spaced and had enough population that we could typically find what we needed. One thing we have found odd in Ohio is the fact that their gas station/convenience stores do not have public restroom facilities – a couple of times we have stopped and were told to go down the street to Subway and use their bathrooms – thank goodness for Subway – when you got to go you got to go!!

About 45 miles into our ride we came into the town of Clyde and asked a couple in town for a good place to eat – they sent us to the local coffee shop for a nice lunch with a bit of Clyde history included. There is a very nice trail – North Coast Inland Trail from Fremont to Clyde which we entered town on. Evidently there is a gentleman in town who normally hangs out by the trail and buys cross country cyclist lunch or breakfast at the local coffee shop in exchange for stories about their trip. Unfortunately he was not in town when we came thru it would have been a pleasure to meet him and free lunch is always nice!!! The trail is a 8.5 mile long 10 Ft wide blacktop and very well maintained.

The trail used to end in Clyde but they recently extended it approximately 4 miles out of town. The gentleman in town said take the trail and you will end up at the same end point as your directions on South Ridge Street – the trail ends at South Ridge and also our map addendum said the same thing. But not so right!! We got to the end of the trail and were probably two miles beyond where we should have been – so out came the GPS to try to get us back on track. After a couple of false starts we finally were back on route and not so lost.

We finally got to Huron which is a city right on Lake Erie – and began our ride on Hwy 6 right along Lake Erie – our views of the lake were amazing. The day was so clear you could see forever. Our overnight was at the Firefly Resort and Campground which was located adjacent to Lake Erie with a great beach. So after our long hot ride into our swim suits we got for a very refreshing swim in the lake. The water was not too cold and truly felt great. After the swim we relaxed in the Adirondack chairs for a while and then got our tent set up and made dinner. We ended the night at the campground bar – for some air conditioning, visiting and a couple of cold beers.

Day 53 July 23, 2014 Vermilion to Cleveland – 45 miles (total miles 3269)

Weather cool and rainy – 70 degrees, moderate headwind

Our night of sleep was interrupted by a storm and a faulty radio that our campground neighbor had. At about 2:00am Tracy heard a loud radio go off and continue to play for several hours – then the storm came through at 4:00am and the radio continued to play but was pretty much static because of the storm. Peter finally walked over to the next site to see if he could turn the radio off but unfortunately the radio was inside the camper with only the speakers outside. He finally knocked on their door out of desperation – no one answered. Although a bit later someone came out and realized what the problem was and turned off the radio. The man apologized the next morning and told us how sorry he was and the radio was old and he did not even realize it was playing – you could tell he felt really bad.

So we started our day with not much sleep and wet!! Oh well off we go. The day was gloomy and it rained very lightly the whole ride. It was kind of like being in the car wash when you are going thru the spot free rinse – light by steady rain!!!

The ride to Cleveland was very nice we were on Hwy 6 and Lake Road most of the way. Lake Road is a beautiful street with amazing big house located on the lake side of the road – it was about 25 miles of big beautiful homes unreal. (It reminded us of Whitefish Bay and Shorewood’s Lake Drive – near Milwaukee WI for those of you familiar with the area – by 5 – 6 times longer) Too bad the weather was so miserable and gloomy because I think we missed a whole bunch of great views – oh well we will just have to come back someday.

We got in to Cleveland thru Edgewater Park – a urban park that has paths that drop you right into the city. The bicycle facilities and routes are clearly marked and easy to follow into Cleveland. They have really done a nice job with their bicycle and pedestrian facilities. We were staying at the Cleveland Hostel located in the center of a revitalized area in the city. It is very nice and Peter’s favorite part located within walking distance of four micro breweries – I think we will be shipping glasses home again!! The Hostel has a roof top patio which we took advantage of and got some great views and pictures of the Cleveland skyline – see the attached photos.

Day 54- Cleveland – Cleveland OH – 18 miles (total miles 3287)

Weather beautiful sunny, 70 degrees and moderate wind

Today was our day off and we spent most of the day getting reorganized to take off tomorrow. The most important task for the day was to find a bicycle shop that could fix our broken back wheel spoke. We had struck out in the city due to the fact that our tandem rear wheel had a drum brake on it and a special tool or innovative procedure was required to get the drum brake off to be able to fix the spoke.

We also had a lunch date to keep with a family friend – Emma Hawley – who went to school with our youngest daughter. She was attending summer school at Case Western University – located on the east side of Cleveland in the University Circle area – about 6 miles from where we were. So we hoped on the bike to head out to lunch with Emma. We got there a bit early and a young man was talking to us about our bicycle and trip – Peter explained the problem with the wheel and he suggested we take the bike to Cain Park Bicycle Shop which was down the road about three miles. Peter gave the shop a call and Madeline (one of their mechanics said bring it in I have worked on Santana Tandems before and should be able to takes care of it for you) After lunch we headed to the bicycle shop and Madeline was able to fix it she used a trick to get the drum break off and proceeded to fix the spoke – yea!! We were back in business. Thanks Maddie and Cain Park Bicycle Shop. It was fun to watch Maddie and her coworker, as we waited for the bike repair, interact with their customers – they were very gracious to them all and clear on what needed to be done to fix their bike and what it would cost – the shop was extremely busy and each customer was acknowledged and helped in a timely manner. Very professional.

Being able to bicycle to lunch with Emma and to our bicycle repair allowed us to see more of Cleveland – the road we traveled on to go thru the city had a bicycle lane the whole way – approximately 10 miles. It was fun to see different areas of the city and to so easily travel thru by bicycle. Way to go City of Cleveland and Bike Cleveland.

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President and Founder of WE BIKE, etc., husband, father, son, friend, former law enforcement officer and outdoor enthusiast!

2 responses to “Cleveland, Ohio Here We Come”

  1. Ruth Flucke says :

    First I see this guy, in an orange shirt, with someone other than who I expected and then I see the same guy with long pants on. Is this you? Also, your Great Grandmother Wiechmann, nee Leona Newert, maybe Nauert? was born in Sandusky, Ohio. Maybe you knew that?
    Great fun to read your posts – I feel almost there.
    Love you both, Mom

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