Back on the Road Again – Hello Michigan

Days 41, 42, 43 – July 10 – July 13, 2014 Green Bay to Green Bay – 0 miles (total miles 2607)
We got home on Thursday about 5:00pm and stayed in Green Bay thru the morning of July 14. It was nice to be home and sleep in our own bed. We had a chance to visit with friends, do our laundry, some tasks around the house, bicycle repairs, restocking for the rest of the trip, purchasing some new bike shorts and gloves (ours were trashed after 2600 miles) and relaxing. Although we enjoyed being home we were both ready to get back on the road again come Monday morning.
We had an Open House on Friday at our home and several friends stopped in to visit and hear all about our adventures – it was great to see everyone. Thanks for stopping over.
We are excited to take the Badger Ferry across to Ludington and to see and visit with Tracy’s parents. It should be fun.

Day 44 July 14, 2014 Green Bay WI – Manitowoc, WI 53 miles (total miles 2660)
Weather – Partly cloudy, 65- 70 degrees, tailwind
We got up early to head to the ferry and were on the road by 7:00am, we were excited to be on our bike again. The ride to Manitowoc included about 20 miles on the Fox River Trail – the trail is beautifully maintained (paved north end and gravel south end). We have ridden on the trail so many times it was like being at home. Once we left the trail we traveled on county roads which rolled us thru the country side with little or no traffic. It was an easy ride because we are so familiar with the area and enjoy the route. We arrived in Manitowoc by 11:30am and met Tracy’s parent at a local restaurant- called Warrens’. Tracy’s parent grew up in Manitowoc (dad) and Two Rivers (mom) and when Tracy was young they used to eat at this restaurant – I think the place still looks the same!! The food was good and filled us up before the four hour ferry ride to Ludington. The ferry ride was fun and we had a great chance to catch up with Tracy’s parents.
We arrived in Ludington and then biked the four miles to our hotel and headed to Big Boy for dinner. We all were hungry and glad to get a good filling meal.

Day 45 – Ludington, MI to Reed City, MI 70 miles (total miles 2730)
Weather – cool 55 – 65, overcast and threatening rain all day, nice tailwind – it seemed like a fall day
We had breakfast in the morning with Tracy’s parents and then they headed north and we headed east and south. Although the route took us north to go south due to the number of unpaved roads in Michigan. Michigan is not at all like Wisconsin – when it comes to paved roads – in Wisconsin almost all roads are paved due to our Farm to Market needs in Michigan not so much.
So after heading north for the first 15 miles we finally started heading east and south – yea!! The NW wind even helped push us along when we started to travel towards Indiana- our next state. Much of the beginning part of the route was familiar because we biked across Michigan (east) a couple of years ago and took the same Adventure Cycling Route.
Once again we stopped in Freesoil a small town north and east of Ludington. We stopped at the same gas station that we had stopped at a couple of years before. While there in the past we met two older gentlemen and sat and talked for quite a while, they were very interesting men. While we were visiting with the attendant today Tracy noticed a sign that said Old Farts Club and asked the attendant about it – she said that two older locals met there each morning and a friend of theirs made them the sign as a joke. I asked if they were the same gentlemen we had met and it sounds like they are. We asked her to say hello to them for us (who knows if they will remember us – but we sure remembered them) and continued on our way.
Our route then took us south and east through some very quiet roads with lots of woodland and grass areas. There is not much farming in the area – not sure why but the land seems to be used for grazing, grassland and woodlands.
We decided to go off route about 4 miles to Reed City to stay at their municipal campground –it sounded nice and had showers!! We got into the campground and under the open pavilion just as the sky opened up. We ate dinner and waited for the campground host to return so we could pay our fee and get the key to the showers. She finally arrived about 8:00pm so we were able to get a nice hot shower before going to bed.

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4 responses to “Back on the Road Again – Hello Michigan”

  1. Melissa Baysingar says :

    Congrats on starting “leg 2”! It has been so much fun following your adventure.

  2. Michele Albert says :

    Thanks for all the details on the ride. I am enjoying reading. Tracy thanks for letting me know on Mom and Dad where they are. Be safe and RIDE ON ! Great picture of the two of you! Love Michele

    • WE BIKE Across America says :

      Great to keep hearing from you. We are in Hasting MI tonight. Probably another two days in MI yet. We had a nice visit with mom and dad on the boat and in Ludington. They them headed north and we took off south. Hope your summer has been good
      Love Tracy

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