LaCrosse, Wisconsin – Family and Friends

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image (5)Day 35 July 5th 2014 Prescott, WI to Fountain City 84 miles (total miles 2335)

Weather was warm 70- 80 degrees, partly cloudy with a moderate headwind

We decided to go off the Adventure Cycling Route maps today and take Hwy 35 in Wisconsin- The Great River Road south towards LaCrosse. The Great River Road is a great ride for many reasons – the road has a wide shoulder, it is not too busy, the views of the Mississippi are breath taking and it travels thru many small towns which have lots of amenities for all travelers. From Prescott south you travel thru the towns of Hager City, Maiden Rock, Pepin, Alma, Nelson, Fountain City and Trempealeau – to name a few.

The ride was fairly easy with only a few climbs early in the day – then the road leveled out and traveled along the Mississippi. We stopped in many of the small towns along the way and enjoyed checking out the shops and restaurants and all the people.

While stopped in Alma we were visiting the Lock and Dam and Peter started talking to a couple of young men and their mom. They were from the area and Peter was looking for some information on a new campground near Fountain City. It just so happens the campground was owned by their uncle and the mom had a brochure that she gave to us. So we knew where we were spending the night. We headed to the local coffee shop and had a drink and treat and then took off for the last 19 miles to the campground.

The campground was very nice but also very new!! The gentleman (Rod) running it was a farmer and retired from farming and decide to turn some of his land into a family campground. He and his wife were very nice and we sat and talked with theme for a long time about his new business. He explained he has always wanted to run a campground and decided now was the time. He also told us about the difficulties he had with his neighbors when he was going thru the zoning process – of course they did not want the campground and were fighting it. The town had no problem with it and gave him the approval to go ahead. He explained he lost sleep over if he should do it or not because he did not want to upset his neighbors. In the end he decided to go ahead because it has always been his dream. So you can see even in a small town change can be difficult. The campground is located in a beautiful valley near the Mississippi. The only bad part about it is a deadly climb to get into it – Peter and I almost had to push the bike up the hill – but barely made it!!!

Day 36 July 6, 2014 Fountain City, WI to LaCrosse, WI 48 miles (total miles 2383)

Today we got up early so we could meet Melissa and Dillon for breakfast in Trempealeau at the Trempealeau Hotel. A great place for breakfast at an historic inn right on the Mississippi River. Are plan and ride was going well until we got into Trempealeau and the hotel was no longer serving breakfast – bummer. Now what.

Luckily a local gentleman was up and about and told us to head south on 35 and we would run into the Mrs. Sippi Restaurant on the south end of town. The restaurant was owned and operated by the chef from the hotel. So we ended up having breakfast here instead. But it was very good and a nice place. After breakfast we gave Melissa and Dillon most of our gear to take to LaCrosse and then we started our ride to LaCrosse. We were only 20 miles away but due to all the flooding our most direct route along the Lacrosse trail was underwater. Navigating into Lacrosse was a challenge but we finally made it after Tracy learned a few new words from Peter!!

Day 37 July 7, 2014 Lacrosse to Lacrosse – 0 miles (total miles 2383)

Weather warm 80- 85 degrees and sunny

Today is our day off and we are enjoying thoroughly enjoying our time off the bike. We have not had a day off for the past eight days and traveled 742 miles. No wonder we need a day off!!

We spent the day hanging with Melissa and Dillon, doing laundry, playing with the kittens, getting the bike fixed and miscellaneous other tasks. It has been fun and relaxing. We are taking Melissa out for dinner and to the Pearl Street Brewery tonight. Dillon has to work so he will not be able to go.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Necedah and should be back to Green Bay by Thursday and then leaving for Manitowoc on Monday to continue our trip to the east. We look forward to seeing neighbors and friends when we are home.

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President and Founder of WE BIKE, etc., husband, father, son, friend, former law enforcement officer and outdoor enthusiast!

3 responses to “LaCrosse, Wisconsin – Family and Friends”

  1. Ruth Flucke says :

    Tracy it looks like the kitty is right at “home” playing with you. Much of this country must look relatively familiar to you both – especially the ride to Ashwaubenon. We “ride” with you! Love you, Mom and Rod

  2. Mark Stephany says :

    Another great update, I’m enjoying your journey. Tracy hope your are better.

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