Finally Made it to Wsiconsin

Day 32 – July 2, 2014 Fergus Falls to Bowles 112 miles (total miles 2076)

Weather beautiful, sunny and 70 degrees, slight tailwind

Today we got up early because we were planning for a long day on bicycle trails and were not sure what the trails would be like. We started on the Central Lakes Trail which started in Fergus Falls MN and ran to Osaki, MN it was a fourteen foot wide 55 mile long paved trail and was well maintained and a great trail to ride on. We were able to cruise right along. The trail was located adjacent to many lakes and provided some unbelievable views.

My eye had been bothering me for a day or so and when we were in Osaki I checked to see if they had a eye doctor in town – there was not but down the trail in Sauk Center had one. So Peter and I jumped back on the bike and headed to Sauk Center so I could get my eye checked – I thought I had some dirt in in but could not get it out. We found a great eye doctor in a clinic called Eyes on Main. They were able to squeeze me in and the doctor said I was experiencing a corneal erosion which is basically the skin layer on the cornea is peeling away. He really did not know why but gave me some drops to moisturize my eye and said if it is does not get better in 5 – 7 days to get it checked again because it can get infected and that would not be good. So now the navigator can’t read a map and has trouble checking behind to see if any cars are coming – not good. The eye feels like there is something in it and hurts and burns. It also looks great red and swollen.

Well now at least I knew what the problem was and Peter and I jumped back on the bike to head to Bowles. We were now riding on the Lake Woebegone Trail – another great trail paved and at least 14 feet wide. It was well maintained and went through many small towns who were definitely embracing the trail and had lots of nice amenities to take advantage of along the trail. We ended up getting into Bowles fairly late 7:30pm due to our long breakfast and stop at the eye doctor.

We finally arrived in Bowles and had heard about Jordie and Jordie’s Trailside Café. We had a very good meal at the café and then Jordie explained the camping options for us. We could stay in the city park across the road for $10.00 or in her pavilion for free. We decided to pitch our tent in her pavilion and were glad we did. The pavilion was in the middle of a beautiful garden which Jordie and her daughter and mom developed and maintained – unbelievably beautiful. Jordie is also planning to add restrooms and a shower in the pavilion which would be great – she just gets it and really is providing a great place for all the cyclists in the area to stay.

Day 33 July 3, 2014 Bowles MN to Osceola, WI – 122 miles (total miles 2198)

Weather beautiful 70 – 80 degrees, sunny and slight tailwind or no wind.

Today was a tough ride for Tracy – her eye was very sore and the sun and wind tended to irritate it. Tracy did not see much on the ride because she really just kept her head down looking at the ground. It was definitely a long day on the bike but we wanted to get as close to Stillwater as we could because our daughter Melissa and her boyfriend Dillon were going to be meeting us and spending the night with us. We were excited to see family!!!

Peter was feeling really good and strong on the ride so he really pushed hard and was able to get us to Osceola. The winds were really light which helped a lot and allowed us to cruise along. The route was mainly thru farm land – it looked much like Wisconsin – gently rolling farmland.

We got to Osceola about 5:00pm and had a fun night with Dillon and Melissa – although Tracy crashed early and did not get as much time to visit, oh well we will see them again in a couple of days in La Crosse, WI.

Day 34 July 4, 2014 Osceola, WI to Prescott, WI 53 miles (total miles 2251)

Happy Fourth of July Everyone – we hope you have a nice day with friends and family!!

Weather 70 degrees, sunny with a head wind

This morning we slept in and went to breakfast with Dillon and Melissa. We did not leave Osceola until noon. It was nice to sleep late and take our time in the morning. We figured we would have an easier shorter day ahead of us – boy were we wrong. We only biked 53 miles but add in a head wind and many hills to climb and it was anything but an easy day.

This part of the state is beautiful but extremely hilly – you typically climb a hill to go down the back side to a stream or lake.

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9 responses to “Finally Made it to Wsiconsin”

  1. Ruth Flucke says :

    Hi there. we figured you would be with Melissa and Dillon! It must have felt especially good to be with family. I’m glad that happened. It will be a memorable 4th of July. Here it is drizzling and dark and damp and I’m sure some folks don’t feel like it is the 4th at all. Our “big” fireworks are to happen in an hour or so. We’ll probably be asleep! Enjoy and I hope you find something helpful about Tracy’s eye. I recently had a similar scare and it turned out well – I hope for the same for you Tracy. Are you headed “home” for a few days and then on the ferry to Michigan. Do you want a phone number or e-mail for Andy and Kate in Traverse City? Love you lots and lots and always, Mom and Rod

  2. Ruth Flucke says :

    You nust be headed South to La Crosse. Hug everyone for us. Mom and Rod

  3. Mark Stephany says :

    Tracy take some time to find a Doctor so you can enjoy your ride.

  4. Mike Beno says :

    Hi Tracy,

    I have been following your trip and I am very proud of you and Peter. We all dream of doing things in our lives that would be a great experience. Most of us never find time but you are but you are living your dream. I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your journey and I look forward to talking to you about it when you return.

    Mike Beno

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