Massive Wind Equals Massive MIles

Day 28 – Bismarck – Bismarck – 0 miles (total miles 1644)

We spent a second day with our Warm Showers hosts – Ron and Joyce. The weather was extremely wet and we decided to wait it out and head out the next day. Ron and Joyce continued to be extremely gracious hosts and even loaned us their car to run out and do some errands. We also had a chance to meet their son Tom, daughter in law, Brenna and their grandson, when they came over for dinner, we enjoyed meeting them and the interesting conversation about North Dakota and the oil fracking. Dinner was delicious and definitely filled us up for our anticipated long ride the next day. Special thanks to our Warm Showers host – Ron and Joyce!!!

Day 29 – Bismarck – Little Yellowstone Park (near Enderlin) 157 miles (total miles 1801)

Weather – sunny and warm 70 degrees – extremely windy west wind 20 – 30 mph- great tailwind

We got up early because we thought with the great tailwind we could really put the miles in today. We went off route a bit for our ride with a recommendation from our host – Ron. The reroute was a good idea and really allowed us to make good time and put in the miles. With the tail wind and us heading mainly east we were able to travel at 28 – 35 miles per hour most of the day. It was great and we ended up with our longest travel day of the trip – 157 miles. The only tough part of the ride was the 18 miles we had to go to the south – we had a nasty head and cross wind to deal with – at times we were literally being blown so much we were almost horizontal on our bike. But we made it through our south section and were very happy to begin traveling east again. Just as we turned the corner we saw a couple of bicyclists on the side of the road and stopped to say hello. They were Alan and Karen from Madison. They are actually neighbors of a good friend of ours from Madison – Arthur Ross. Arthur told us they were also traveling the northern tier route and we had been hearing about them from other cyclists but had yet to meet them. We talked a bit then met in the next town for lunch and then ended up camping together that night. They also had a great day of riding (I think their PR) and put in 124 miles!!!

Little Yellowstone Park was beautiful and the weather was great. After the long ride I think we all slept like logs!!

Day 30 – Little Yellowstone Park (near Enderlin) – Fargo 75 miles (total miles 1876)

Weather 70 degrees, sunny and windy – great tail wind 20 -30 miles from the west

Today we biked again with a great tail wind to Fargo. Most of our trip was east bound – yea!! With a smaller section going north. The ride was pretty uneventful accept for the fact that our legs were tired from our long day the day before.

Upon hitting the edge of Fargo we had a great bicycle trail to follow into the city. It was very well maintained and had some nice amenities to dress it up – benches, landscaping, landscaped walls etc. It ran along the Red River which was very high and in a flood stage due to recent storms that have hit the area.

We found our hotel, cleaned up and headed over to the downtown area to hit the bicycle shop – needed air for our tires and explore the downtown area. It really is a nice downtown with lots of restaurants, coffee shops, shops etc. We had fun exploring. Our new friends from Madison Karen and Alan were also in town so we all went out to dinner and had a great meal and lively conversation – a very nice evening.






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