On the Road Again

Day 19- June 19, 2014

East Glacier – Shelby, Montana – 73 miles (total miles 955)

Weather – Cool 40 – 60 degrees, light rain, overcast, tailwind

We finally were able to get going again, we got up early and were on the road by 7:00am. The weather was cold – 40 degrees with a light rain when we got started. We headed east on Hwy 2 to Browning 12 miles down the road and then on the Cut Bank which was another 34 miles away. As we rode the weather was getting better, temperature going up, lighter rain and more wind to push us along. We got to Cut Bank very quickly at an average speed of 19 miles per hour.

We stopped in Cut Bank for late breakfast at the Big Sky Café recommended by a local I met at the gas station. We were talking with the waitress and she asked us where we were going and where we were from. As we talked the couple (Kay and Nick)at the table right next to us overheard that we were from Green Bay. They also were from Green Bay – in fact Nick was a firefighter on the Green Bay Fire Department for 33 years. I told him about working for the Village of Allouez and helping with the consolidation of the departments. He retired prior to the merger. Boy it sure is a small world. The waitress then told us about a visit from a bunch of Packer players to the café last summer. She said about ten of them with their girlfriends and wives showed up for lunch on their way to Glacier National Park. She did not know who they were until a patron asked if she got their autographs, he then proceeded to tell her who they were.

Off on the bike again heading to Shelby – the ride was uneventful and we cruised into Shelby with a nice tail wind and a bit of rain. Shelby is being taken over by the oil fracking that is going on in the area. I met a young man from Paragon Geo Tech who is doing some testing to determine if oil is in the area – he said there definitely is and soon you will see more oil being produced here. We also saw lots of trains carrying large oil tankers. It appears to be putting lots of pressure on the area.

Tomorrow we head to Havre for our longest ride of the trip, the weather is supposed to be sunny, 70 degrees and with a 15 – 18 mile per hour tail wind.

About 2016 WE BIKE, etc. Bicycle Adventures- Route 66

President and Founder of WE BIKE, etc., husband, father, son, friend, former law enforcement officer and outdoor enthusiast!

8 responses to “On the Road Again”

  1. Barb Florack says :

    I love following along with your updates. It’s just crazy how many people you stumble across that you have some connection with! Enjoy

  2. Michelle Lemorande says :

    Hi Peter & Tracy,
    I just found your blog and Facebook page so I’ll be following along. I enjoyed reading the posts you’ve written thus far. Nice to see you’ll be passing through Stillwater, MN which is my hometown. Best of luck on your journey!
    ~Michelle Lemorande (former yoga instructor at Bellin)

    • WE BIKE Across America says :

      Hi Michelle, we are glad you will be following along. Today is a great day for biking; the sun is out, it is warm, we have a tailwind, light traffic and a wide shoulder – good thing too, we are shooting for approx. 110 MI. today.

      We are looking forward to being back in Stillwater and then dropping down to see Melissa in La Crosse.

      Yoga tonight will be a much appreciated break from the bike.

      Peter & Tracy

  3. Bob Fresen says :

    Hello Peter & Tracy, I reading your blog on a regular basis and enjoying it much. Your descriptions of Glacier National Park are bringing back many fond memories of our family trips with Andrea there. As I remember, Browning was a town in the heart of the Blackfoot Indian Reservation…any encounters with Native Americans along the way? -Bob Fresen, Green Bay, WI

    • WE BIKE Across America says :


      We are glad you are enjoying the accounts of our trip. Browning is exactly as I’m sure you can imagine. We were glad to be stuck in East Glacier, as it were. We did stop in Browning for a snack and I am happy to report that our encounters were all positive.

      Crazy tailwind today from Shelby to Have (106 Mi., 20.7 mph avg.).

      Peter & Tracy

  4. Mark Stephany says :

    Great cycling, 20.7 avg. Amazing people you meet. Enjoying your ride log!

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