We Made it to Idaho

Day 6 – June 6, 2014 – Colville, WA – Newport, WA. 96 miles

Weather beautiful but a bit cooler – 50 – 70 degrees – tailwind most of the day

Today we got up early because we knew we had a long ride ahead. Left campground by 7:00am. First part of ride was over some small mountains just outside of Colville. They were not bad to climb but the downhill was pretty intense with a couple of hairpin turns. We climbed for about 18 miles and then had a 10 mile downhill. We met a couple of young men from Washington who are also biking across the country. John is attending Western Washington State University and Grant is a recent graduate from Duke University. Grant has a job staring in September and talked John, after a few beers, into bicycling across the country with him. They had just started out and were excited about the trip. They will be ending in Washington DC. Grant figured he would probably have to wait a long time to actually get 10 weeks off so decided to do it now – very smart young man!!

After the downhill we biked a mile off route to the small town on Ione where we met our sag crew (Ruth and Rod for lunch). The rest of the trip was biking along the Pend Oreille River, it was a beautiful ride – with the wind at our backs, downhill and great views of the river to our right. We decided to not plan our ending point today because we were not sure if we were up for 96 miles to Newport but with the wind and downhill we pretty easily made it to Newport.

We saw our first American Bison (buffalo) today and Peter was giving Tracy a hard time because a couple of days before Tracy thought she saw buffalo but they were only Large Cows. This time they were the real things.

Day 7 – June 7, 2014 Newport WA – Coeur d’ Alene – 43 miles (total miles 500)

Weather was again beautiful – 45 – 70, slight tailwind

Today was a short ride for us which we planned for after our long ride yesterday. The shorter day allowed us to leave later – Tracy liked the 10:00am start better than the 7:00am starts. The ride took us into the state of Idaho – although we actually camped in Idaho last night – it was rather odd our campground was half in Washington and half in Idaho.

We biked down Hwy 41 to Coeur d’ Alene, along the route we met a couple of touring cyclists from WA. They were completing an 8 day bicycle tour in Idaho and Washington. We rode with them for quite a while – one gentleman was retired and the other a doctor. Along the route we stopped at a local park with our new friends for a snack – there was a boys baseball tournament going on- lots of little guys playing ball. They were intrigued by our ride and we got a few questions from the boys and the parents. The last 10 miles to camp were uneventful and the ride pretty much flat.

We will now be spending three days in Coeur d’ Alene where Peter will be teaching an Enforcement for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety class to local law enforcement officers. Tracy will relax and get organized for heading out on our own with out our sag support. Special thanks to Ruth and Rod for all their help the last week much appreciated!!

So no blogs for a bit until we get going again on Wednesday, June 11th.

About Tracy and Peter Flucke

We inspire people to explore the world by bike and foot through our cross-country bicycle adventures, and our book, “Coast to Coast on a Tandem.” This blog details our past trips and provides updates on our current adventure. Enjoy the ride! Tracy and Peter Flucke

9 responses to “We Made it to Idaho”

  1. William Meisner says :

    you da man ber head

  2. Mark McNeill says :

    Fun to follow your trip so far guys.
    Sheila and I drove west from Mpls to Seattle, the week before last. That took three days. We saw four groups of cyclists (each a pair) en route, one in North Dakota on I-94, and the other three in the mountains of Idaho (US 12, west of Missoula). That Idaho section and much of Montana were parts of my cross country bike route 39 (gasp!) years ago. I recognized only a couple of the man-made landmarks from that trip (cafes or sleeping spots) but the scenery was just as spectacular now as then.
    Keep on churning. And blogging.

    • WE BIKE Across America says :

      Thanks for getting in touch. We are having a great time so far but climbing over the mountains was a definite challenge. We are in Hope ID tonight at a campground . Tomorrow we will get into Montana. More blogs to come
      Hope all is well with you two. Tracy

  3. Melissa Baysingar says :

    This is Melissa (Nash) Baysingar from “the old neighborhood.” 🙂 My dad told me about your amazing ride across America and about the blog. So excited to follow your journey! Congrats on taking life by the horns (or the handlebars!). Cheers! -Melissa & Jason

    • WE BIKE Across America says :

      Hi Melissa and Jason. Thanks for following us! Right now we are in a cafe in Rexford, MT drinking coffee and eating brownies – with wet Sox! It rained for the first 30 miles of our ride this morning from Libby, MT. We have 67 miles in now with only five more to go to Eureka, MT and the end of our day. Take care, Peter & Tracy

  4. Mark Stephany says :

    Peter Tracy thanks for the update on your ride. Look forward to your blog. Nice video on the down hill coast.
    Mark Stephany

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