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Getting Ready to Go

May 25, 2014 Bellingham, Washington

Getting Ready to Go

Busy Month


May is always a busy month at WE BIKE, etc. but this year, due in part to our delayed spring, it seemed to be in overdrive; three project proposals, Enforcement for Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety trainings in Boise and Idaho Falls, Idaho for a week, Bike to School Day, Bike to Work Day, two project interviews and four invoices, plus all of the regular stuff!

As for Tracy, all she did was resign from her position as Administrator for the Village of Allouez, WI (May 2) to Join WE BIKE full-time and to bicycle across the country with her husband.


Alex(andra) finished her first year at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She did well in her studies and her transition to collegiate pole vaulting for the Gophers. This summer she will be in Fiji working on a shark conservation program thru Projects Abroad. Melissa finished her first year of Graduate school to become a school psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and earned her Master’s Degree. She will spend the summer in La Crosse working, taking classes and caring for our two cats!!


Tracy and I continued training for the bicycle trip, with workouts of up to seven hours, and ran the CellCom Green Bay ½ Marathon on May 18 – Tracy set a personal best time (as did Melissa in the full Marathon).

Media Rush

We did interviews with WFRT TV 5, WTAQ Radio and the Green Bay Press-Gazette about the trip.


Our flights from Green Bay to Bellingham via Minneapolis and Seattle were uneventful. We enjoyed traveling for pleasure instead of work for a change.

The bike and our three gear boxes have arrived and now we have to put the bike back together and organize our gear to get ready for the big trip.

Peter’s mom (Ruth) and partner Rod have rented a RV and will travel the first week with us over the Cascades and into Idaho. It will be great to not have to carry our gear over the mountains.

Will enjoy our week in Bellingham relaxing, visiting, picking up supplies and getting ready for our bike ride. The extended weather forecast for the first three days of the trip is looking great.

More later!!!